RED ICE RADIO Michael S. Heiser – Zecharia Sitchin is Wrong, Sumerian Writings & Nibiru Read more:


Zecharia Sitchin is a well known name when it comes to “Ancient Astronaut” or “Ancient Aliens” theories. Sitchin has written about the Sumerian and Mesopotamian cultures and given us books on the Annunaki, The Twelfth Planet, Planet X or Nibiru and the return of this planet and “the gods.” It been said that that the Annunaki created humanity as a slave race to do their bidding. How much of this is true? Have there been any further analysis of the writing and of Sitchin’s work? Are there any corroborating sources for these claims? We have Michael S. Heiser with us to share some of his finding with us in regards to cuneiform script, the Sumerian culture, the Annunaki, Nephilim, Nibiru and the quality of Sitchin’s work and research. Topics Discussed: Sitchin’s Work, “The Façade”, Sumerian, Akkadian, Cuneiform, interpretation of the material, Annunaki, Nibiru, VA243, Constellation, No Knowledge Beyond Saturn, Deities, Nephilim, Planet X, A Tenth or Twelve Planet, Tablets, What is the Agenda? The Rockefeller Initiative, Extra Terrestrials, Aliens, Humanity created as a slave race? Global Peace, Elite Agenda, Roman Catholic Church, The Vatican, ET being born without original Sin, The Drake Equation and more. More with Michael S. Heiser in our second hour as we talk more about the Annunaki, the Summerians and Sitchin’s work. What is in the Summerian texts about the Annunaki? We talk about UFO’s, Gold, Constellation Stories and Mythology, Seeds, The Origins of Seeds, Farming Technology, The Origin of Agriculture, Plant Splicing, Cross Fertilization and other interesting aspects that generally aren’t looked at and recognized when it comes to the ancient Sumerians.

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