Lab Results Show Chemtrails Contain Toxic Substances, being spread around the world by the Vatican-led New World Order


According to researchers, your government is responsible and you are now breathing six bacteria, including anthrax and pneumonia, nine chemicals including acetylcholine chloride and 26 heavy metals including arsenic, gold, lead, mercury, silver, uranium and zinc.

By Greg Szymanski
June 18, 2007

The skies around Boulder, Co, are no different then the skies in most
parts of the world — criss-crossed with lines of chemtrails that quickly
turn into man-made dark clouds raining down toxic substances.

Sitting up 8,500 in the beautiful Rocky Mountains on almost a daily basis
scores of white planes can be seen spreading their toxic waste, as a sign of the New World Order’s plan of population reduction.

But the sad part is most people have no clue of the Jesuit-led New World Order’s intent to reduce the population by two-thirds, chemtrails being just one of their many sinister plots to destroy the people of this

In fact, when most people look up in the sky they think the toxic white
lines are just jetliner exhaust. And it’s a simple-minded explanation for
a brainwashed American population who still puts far too much trust in
its out-of control and evil government.

In an email sent to the Arctic Beacon, here is what one scientific-minded reader found out:


“We the people have not been warned, advised or consulted but are
certainly vulnerable to the outcomes.”

“Biologic components have been reported in airborne samples that include: modified molds, desiccated red blood cells and exotic strains of

“Welcome to the brave new world of toxic barium skies, weather control,
mind control and population control through the use of chemtrails
modulated with electromagnetic frequencies generated by HAARP. Our
health is under attack as evidenced by the skyrocketing rates of
chemtrail induced lung cancer, asthma and pulmonary/respiratory problems.

“Our natural environment and planetary weather systems are under attack resulting in freak lightening strikes, bizarre weather, 20% less sunlight reaching the Earth’ surface, the alarming, nearly complete collapse in certain areas of the west coast marine ecosystem and the creation of some of the largest tornadoes and hurricanes on record. Our skies are increasingly hazed over with fake barium/ aluminum particulate, ethylene dibromide chemtrail clouds. Whether in the atmosphere or in the Ocean this added particulate matter is a hazard to the health of every living thing on this planet. My health and the health of my family has already been drastically affected. There is a main-stream media blackout on this subject so the only way to get the word out is by word of mouth.”

And here are some pictures collected by the same emailer who started a
website at

Another emailer sent this report to the Arctic Beacon revealing the
results of lab reports taken from various chemtrails across the country.
Here is what they found as reported in the Idaho Observer last month:

Last May a family in Iowa contacted the office of Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) to report the constant criss-crossing of “chemtrails” in the sky above
their neighborhood. They received back from the senator�s office a
General Accounting Office (GAO) report on “military chaff” and the
material safety data sheet for aluminum-coated fiberglass fibers being
spread�seven days a week for several hours each day�in the skies above their home.

The chaff is spread by pilots learning how to mask planes or send false
radar images. It was reported that the military also has lead-based
chaff, but that it is not being used at this time. Chaff was used by the
military in Europe in WWII and, according to the GAO, had been used in training here at home since the 50s.

Once chaff reaches the ground, it breaks down into particles small enough to inhale. Though military spokespeople insist that chaff is not harmful, the GAO report concluded that health effects are unknown and more studies are needed.

Regardless, some members of this family are very sick. On May 23, after a hard rain the day before, they a noticed glittering substance and a pinkish-colored powder substance on the roof of their house. They then noticed the glittering substance on many surfaces, even the dashboard of the family car. Both substances were collected and sent to a lab for analysis.

Among the substances found to be in the samples were several that should simply not be there:

6 bacteria, including anthrax and pneumonia

9 chemicals including acetylcholine chloride

26 heavy metals including arsenic, gold, lead, mercury, silver, uranium
and zinc

4 molds and fungi

7 viruses

2 cancers

2 vaccines

2 sedatives

Over the last several months, The IO has received a significant increase
in chemtrail-related calls and letters. Most report a dramatic increase
in chemtrail “spraying” activity in their areas; some are reporting the
development of chronic flu-like symptoms, chronic fatigue and body aches that they have never before experienced.

We intend to expound upon this subject in greater detail�hopefully next

If you are seeing the relationship between accelerated chemtrail spraying in your area and symptoms among friends, family and members of your community, begin writing it down and send the information to us by mail or email. Note times, dates and specific symptoms. If you live near a military installation, expect that you are being “sprayed.” You may want to contact your senator or rep and, politely (that is how you get the information you are seeking) request the forwarding of any information that may be available on the military chaff being used in your area.

After obtaining relevant documents from your rep or senator, consider
using it to obtain epidemiological data from your local health

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