BN-Hoeren ‘Huil-actie’ met ‘Zot-Plasterk’ Sint-Maarten levert 13,3 miljoen op voor de Strijkstok. — Volksnieuws uit Amsterdam-Noir

(van onze Internationale Hulpverlening’s strijkstok redactie) AMSTERDAM-NOIR-How the Red Cross Raised Half a Billion Dollars for Haiti ­and Built Six Homes.Het is inmiddels een feit van algemeen bekendheid dat het geld dat bestemd is voor weder opbouw en/of hulp voor gebieden die getroffen zijn door natuurrampen of ‘Olie-Dollar oorlogen’ in de Derde Wereld voor met merendeel […]

via BN-Hoeren ‘Huil-actie’ met ‘Zot-Plasterk’ Sint-Maarten levert 13,3 miljoen op voor de Strijkstok. — Volksnieuws uit Amsterdam-Noir ‘Kamp wil gebruik omstreden verdelger glyfosaat met tien jaar verlengen…’ 11 september 2017. — Op weg naar Zielsvreugde ‘Kamp wil gebruik omstreden verdelger glyfosaat met tien jaar verlengen…’ 11 september 2017. Demissionair minister van Landbouw Henk Kamp (VVD) heeft besloten dat de omstreden onkruidverdelger glyfosaat, ook wel bekend als Roundup, nog zeker tien jaar gebruikt mag worden. Daarvoor lag een voorstel van de Europese Commissie dat nu door Kamp is goedgekeurd. Glyfosaat […]

via ‘Kamp wil gebruik omstreden verdelger glyfosaat met tien jaar verlengen…’ 11 september 2017. — Op weg naar Zielsvreugde

America’s CIA & Israel’s Mossad Created Al-Qaeda and the ISIS Terror Group

America’s CIA

Bron: America’s CIA & Israel’s Mossad Created Al-Qaeda and the ISIS Terror Group

America’s CIA & Israel’s Mossad Created Al-Qaeda and the ISIS Terror Group

America is using ISIS in three ways: to attack its enemies in the Middle East, to serve as a pretext for U.S. military intervention abroad, and at home to foment a manufactured domestic threat, used to justify the unprecedented expansion of invasive domestic surveillance.

Much like Al Qaeda, the Islamic State (ISIS) is made-in-the-USA, an instrument of terror designed to divide and conquer the oil-rich Middle East and to counter Iran’s growing influence in the region.

The fact that the United States [CIA Deep State] has a long and torrid history of backing terrorist groups will surprise only those who watch the news and ignore history.

  1. South Korean President Moon Jae-in Will Veto Any U.S. Military Option Against North Korea


The CIA first aligned itself with extremist Islam during the Cold War era. Back then, America [CIA Deep State] saw the world in rather simple terms: on one side, the Soviet Union and Third World nationalism, which America regarded as a Soviet tool; on the other side, Western nations and militant political Islam, which America considered an ally in the struggle against the Soviet Union.


  1. Vladimir Putin Stopped Rothschild In 2006
  2. How Conspiracy Theories Work In The Hidden Hands Of The Deep State

The director of the National Security Agency under Ronald Reagan, General William Odom recently remarked, “by any measure the U.S. has long used terrorism. In 1978-79 the Senate was trying to pass a law against international terrorism – in every version they produced, the lawyers said the U.S. would be in violation.”

During the 1970’s the CIA used the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as a barrier, both to thwart Soviet expansion and prevent the spread of Marxist ideology among the Arab masses.

  1. 10 Signs That Muslim Brotherhood’s ISIS Is A Deep State Scripted Psyop.

The United States [deep state] also openly supported Sarekat Islam against Sukarno in Indonesia, and supported the Jamaat-e-Islami terror group against Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in Pakistan. Last but certainly not least, there is Al Qaeda.

  1. The Destruction Of Indonesian Oil: BP Oil’s Indonesian EcoTerrorism

Lest we forget, the CIA gave birth to Osama Bin Laden and breastfed his organization during the 1980’s. Former British Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook, told the House of Commons that Al Qaeda was unquestionably a product of Western intelligence agencies.

Mr. Cook explained that Al Qaeda, which literally means an abbreviation of “the database” in Arabic, was originally the computer database of the thousands of Islamist extremists, who were trained by the CIA and funded by the Saudis [U.S. Taxpayer], in order to defeat the Russians in Afghanistan.

America’s [deep state] relationship with Al Qaeda has always been a love-hate affair. Depending on whether a particular Al Qaeda terrorist group in a given region furthers American [deep state] interests or not, the U.S. State Department either funds or aggressively targets that terrorist group.

  1. The Deep Hate Of The Deep State: Power Rests In The Hands Of The Public

Even as American [deep state] foreign policy makers claim to oppose [CIA/Mossad Muslim Brotherhood Mercs] Muslim extremism, they knowingly foment it as a weapon of foreign policy.

The Islamic State is its latest weapon that, much like Al Qaeda, is certainly backfiring. ISIS recently rose to international prominence after its thugs began beheading American journalists. Now the terrorist group controls [ Russia & Syria Prevented This] an area the size of the United Kingdom.

[Here Is/Was The Rothschild Deep State’s Goal In The M.E.]

  1. Netanyahu Grants Oil Rights Inside Illegally Occupied Golan Heights Syria: To Fox News Owner Rupert Murdoch And Jacob Rothschild.
  2. Netanyahu Is Finished: Little Doubt Rothschild Czar Of Zionism Will Be Indicted August 2017

In order to understand why the Islamic State has grown and flourished so quickly, one has to take a look at the organization’s American-backed roots. [False]

  1. ISIS Is Completely Fabricated: Muslim Brotherhood ISIS Are Mercenaries Not Muslims!
  2. General Flynn Hillary Clinton Confirms U.S. Israeli ISIS: Splitting Iraq & Syria For Israel.

Israel Muslim Brotherhood ISIS Sunni Obama

The 2003 American invasion and occupation of Iraq created the pre-conditions for radical Sunni groups, like ISIS, to take root.

[ISIS are non-muslim mercenaries ~ Sunnis do not believe in USURY ~ This is why the deep state slaughter them and installed Shiites]

  1. Iraqi Deaths: Sunnis Main Body Opposing NWO Banking Take Over Of Their Country!
  2. Iraqi Doctors Call Queen (sic) Elizabeth’s Depleted Uranium Use “Genocide”.

America, rather unwisely, destroyed Saddam Hussein’s secular state machinery and replaced it with a predominantly Shiite administration.

Sunni Shiite Iraq

  1. U.N. Office Humanitarian Coordinator For Iraq: Population Statistics Show Iraq’s Sunnis Are In Clear Majority At 16 Million Sunnis & 11 Million Shiites.

The U.S. occupation caused vast unemployment in Sunni areas, by rejecting socialism and closing down factories in the naive hope that the magical hand of the free market would create jobs.

  1. Iraqi Shiites ‘minority’ Join Iraqi Sunnis ‘majority’: Ousting Obama Puppet Nouri al-Maliki From Prime Minister’s Office.

Under the new U.S.-backed Shiite regime, working class Sunni’s lost hundreds of thousands of jobs.

  1. Iraq Sunni Genocide ~ 17,073 Muslim Sunnis Have Been Murdered By U.S. Israel’s Proxy Army ISIS In One Year

Unlike the white Afrikaners in South Africa, who were allowed to keep their wealth after regime change, upper class Sunni’s were systematically dispossessed of their assets and lost their political influence.

Rothschild Shiite Sunni

Rather than promoting religious integration and unity, American policy in Iraq exacerbated sectarian divisions and created a fertile breading ground for Sunni discontent, from which Al Qaeda in Iraq took root.

[Took Root via CIA/Mossad Financing Non Muslim Mercenaries from outside of country]

  1. Iraq Being Suicided By Rothschild’s IMF & J.P. Morgan
  2. Experts Warn Obama Escalates Death Toll In Iraq: Sends 100 Assault Hellfire Missiles, Drones, Ammunition Implementing Sunni Genocide For Shiite Sharia Law!

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) used to have a different name: Al Qaeda in Iraq. After 2010 the group rebranded and refocused its efforts on Syria.

[Muslim Brotherhood Went To Syria After They Were removed from Egypt]

Egypt Morsi Brotherhood

  1. Egypt’s Grand Mufti Upholds Muslim Brotherhood’s Ex-President Morsi Death Sentence.
  2. Egyptian Legal Authorities Charge Obama And Hillary Clinton: Criminal Conspiracy With Muslim Brotherhood.


  1. Hillary Clinton Email Revelation: Destroying Syria “Best Way To Help Israel”
  2. C-Span 1990 Israel’s Intelligence Community: The Aman, The Shin Bet, & Mossad The Israeli Secret Intelligence Service aka; ISIS.

There are essentially three wars being waged in Syria: one between the government and the rebels, another between Iran and Saudi Arabia, and yet another between America and Russia.

It is this third, neo-Cold War battle that made U.S. foreign policy makers decide to take the risk of arming Islamist rebels [Muslim Brotherhood Mercs] in Syria, because Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, is a key Russian ally.

Rather embarrassingly [B.S.], many of these Syrian rebels have now turned out to be ISIS thugs, who are openly brandishing American-made M16 Assault rifles.

  1. U.S. Had 20,000 M-16s Stolen From Unguarded Warehouse Near Iraq
  2. End Of Deep State CIA In Syria: Major Victory For Americans 8/2017

Erbil Turkey Ceyhan Israel iraq oil

America’s Middle East policy revolves around oil and Israel. The invasion of Iraq has partially satisfied Washington’s thirst for oil, but ongoing air strikes in Syria and economic sanctions on Iran have everything to do with Israel. The goal is to deprive Israel’s neighboring enemies, Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Palestine’s Hamas, of crucial Syrian and Iranian support.

  1. Turkey & Israel Owes Iraq $1.5 Trillion For Stolen Kirkuk Oil
  2. Obama’s Demonic State Department Defends UN Agency: Gave Rockets To Gaza Hamas aka; Muslim Brotherhood.
  3. Iraqi Dinar For U.S. Citizens Granted By Presidents Bush Obama E.O. 13303 & Iraq’s Coalition Provisional Authority Order 39

[Hamas is actually a construct of the muslim brotherhood orchestrated to polarize Palestine in perpetual chaos/war with Israel ~ Palestine has no standing army so weapons are funneled in surreptitiously]

ISIS is not merely an instrument of terror used by America to topple the Syrian government; it is also used to put pressure on Iran.

  1. Rothschild & Murdoch Inconsolable After Netanyahu Booted From Syria: President Putin Summons Israeli Envoy To Moscow
  1. The last time Iran invaded another nation was in 1738.
  2. Since independence in 1776, the U.S. has been engaged in over 53 military invasions and expeditions.
  3. Despite what the Western media’s war cries would have you believe, Iran is clearly not the threat to regional security, Washington is.
  4. An Intelligence Report published in 2012, endorsed by all sixteen U.S. intelligence agencies, confirms that Iran ended its nuclear weapons program in 2003.
  5. Truth is, any Iranian nuclear ambition, real or imagined, is as a result of American hostility towards Iran, and not the other way around.

America [deep state] is using ISIS in three ways: to attack its enemies in the Middle East, to serve as a pretext for U.S. military intervention abroad, and at home to foment a manufactured domestic threat, used to justify the unprecedented expansion of invasive domestic surveillance.

By rapidly increasing both government secrecy and surveillance, Mr. Obama’s government is increasing its power to watch its citizens, while diminishing its citizens’ power to watch their government. Terrorism is an excuse to justify mass surveillance, in preparation for mass revolt.

  1. Iranian Parliament Passes Bill Countering American Terrorism
  2. Kissinger Petrodollar Collapsing: Russia, Iran Announce $20 Billion Oil-For-Goods
  3. China Boosting Oil Imports From Iran: Philippines Also Joins List of Iran’s Oil Clients
  4. Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal For Israel: Keeping Iran Impoverished ~ Deal Reduces Oil Production From Iran’s 2.5 MBD Capacity To 1.1 MBD.

The so-called “War on Terror” should be seen for what it really is:

“a pretext for maintaining a dangerously oversized U.S. military”

The two most powerful groups in the U.S. foreign policy establishment are the Israel lobby, which directs U.S. Middle East policy, and the Military-Industrial-Complex, which profits from the former group’s actions.

Since George W. Bush declared the “War on Terror” in October 2001, it has cost the American taxpayer approximately 6.6 trillion dollars and thousands of fallen sons and daughters; but, the wars have also raked in billions of dollars for Washington’s military elite.

  1. U.S. Deep State Is The Greatest Threat to Peace in the World Today
  2. Russia And Europe Must Stand Together Against The Resurgence Of NATO: NATO Deep State At Work In Poland
  3. China Warns Trump They Will Intervene Militarily On Behalf Of North Korea As President Putin Warned Trump About Syria
  4. McCain’s More Bad News F-35 Fighter Jet: War Profiteering Deprives Americans Of Another $3.9 Billion For A Total $1.5 Trillion

In fact, more than seventy American companies and individuals have won up to $27 billion in contracts for work in postwar Iraq and Afghanistan over the last three years, according to a recent study by the Center for Public Integrity.

According to the study, nearly 75 per cent of these private companies had employees or board members, who either served in, or had close ties to, the executive branch of the Republican and Democratic administrations, members of Congress, or the highest levels of the military.

  1. Iraq Being Suicided By Rothschild’s IMF & J.P. Morgan
  2. JP Morgan Ordered To Stand Trial For Antitrust & Silver Market Rigging 2017

In 1997, a U.S. Department of Defense report stated, “the data show a strong correlation between U.S. involvement abroad and an increase in terrorist attacks against the U.S.”

Truth is, the only way America can win the “War On Terror” is if it stops giving terrorists the motivation and the resources to attack America.

Terrorism is the symptom; American imperialism in the Middle East is the cancer. Put simply, the War on Terror is terrorism; only, it is conducted on a much larger scale by people with jets and missiles.

Garikai Chengu is a research scholar at Harvard University. Contact him on


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Lik en Kus Hoogtepunten van de Zuipende Juncker met ‘Nep en Fop Europese State of the Union’.

( door Toedeldokie en ondersteunt door onze redactie) AMSTERDAM-NOIR- De Dwangmatige Kussende&Zuipende Juncker met ‘Nep en Fop Europese State of the Union’ doet de liederlijke ‘PvdA-Huil komediant Timmermans’ weer in snikken uit barsten en bezorgd de ‘Grolsche-D66-Kat Sophie in ’t Veld’ een natte doos(Video).

via Lik en Kus Hoogtepunten van de Zuipende Juncker met ‘Nep en Fop Europese State of the Union’. — Volksnieuws uit Amsterdam-Noir

Nobelprijs voor de Vrede voor ‘Ethnic cleansing-Prime Minister Aung San Suu Kyi’ & ‘War Mongul Obama’.

Volksnieuws uit Amsterdam-Noir

(van onze dr. Goebbels propaganda redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR-Het zit de Nobelprijs voor de Vrede niet mee met Obama en Prime Minister Aung San Suu Kyi. . Wat is die Prijs nog moreel waard?
Wij vinden dat de Nobelprijs voor de Vrede zich zelf heeft gediskwalificeerd als soort van een ‘Televizier-(Cock)-ring’ ‘Nep en Fop Prijs’ van ‘Maffiaboss John de Mol’ en dus niets meer waard is. Zo gaven zij ‘Yes, we can’- Obama(Video) in zijn eerst jaar als President direct de Nobelprijs voor de Vrede en eindige hij als de ‘War Mongul-President’ die tot dan aan toe de meeste oorlogen heeft gevoerd van alle voorgaande Presidenten en daarmee Slobodan Milosevic tot Vredes Duif maakte. Maar het laat zich aanzien dat Obama dat Oorlog ‘s misdaden record niet lang houdt, want zijn opvolger ‘Mad Dog Trump’ is hem al met een rap tempo aan het voorbij streven. De Mad Dog is overal bommen…

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Shifting Ice Caps Magnetic Pole and Ice Caps move in Tandem

Looking at the two satellite pictures taken back in 1979 and in 2003 for the Arctic, we find a considerable erosion of the Ice Cap. However, upon closer inspection it seems that the melting of the Ice Cap is uneven along its perimeter. In fact, when you look deeper at the area encircled in red, it is clear that the ice is building towards Siberia and is moving away from Canada. At the same time, the strength of the Earth’s magnetic shield has decreased 15% in the western hemisphere over the years  from 1850 to 2012. During the same period, the south magnetic pole, in the northern hemisphere, has wandered about 1,100 km (685 miles) into the Arctic Circle. “The rate of the magnetic pole’s movement has increased in the last  century compared with fairly steady movement in the previous four centuries”, said Joseph Stoner and the Oregon researchers. The Oregon team examined the sediment records from several Arctic lakes. Looking at the sediment records of the Earth’s magnetic field at the time, scientists used carbon dating to track changes in the magnetic field. They found that the magnetic pole had shifted significantly in the past thousand years. It generally migrated between northern Canada and Siberia, and has occasionally moved in other directions. The rate of shift of the magnetic pole is on the increase and it seemed that in the past decade it had moved a distance close to the distance it moved in the past century. Comparing the two phenomena, there seems to be a relation between the location of the magnetic pole and the location of ice build up; are they both moving towards Siberia in tandem? Recent increase of global warming rate seems to cause the entire ice in the North Pole to melt in the coming few years. Older ice cap will melt while at the same time new ice cap will form over new location. Melting occurs faster, as the former ice cap has now been covered by a warmer Temperature Belt, but the build up of new ice cap comes from precipitation, and accumulation of ice takes place over hundreds of years.  New ice caps take centuries to fully form.

Magnetic Pole’s Wandering in Ancient Times

Upon tracing the magnetic pole ancient movements together with documented climate conditions at ancient times, it is apparent that the closer we come to the magnetic pole, the colder it gets.  Arab ancient texts speak of an abrupt climate change in ancient times. The manuscripts come from ancient texts that describe in detail a bitter cold wave that occurred between the years 900 AD and 950 AD in Arabia. I add that at that time the magnetic pole was in Siberia. As close to Arabia then as Central Europe close the Canada today where the magnetic pole is located. The ancient text research has been brought to light by a team of scientists from the University of Extremadura. The article published describes, how in 900 AD, the territory where it is now Iraq and Syria suffered periods characterized by a very unusual cold, with temperature below zero..

According to Fernando Domínguez-Castro, who was carrying research at the University of Extremadura in Spain, the study has brought to light key data that better interpret the current climate change. “We were fortunate to find ancient sources of direct data that are traditionally neglected by many climate scientists” added Dominguez-Castro. Some researchers think this may presage a magnetic reversal, in which the north and south magnetic poles flip. However, this does not justify why the strength of the magnetic field is weakening. Scientists admit that there are things going on, deep beneath our feet, which they do not understand. I add to that, that there are also celestial changes going on, deep above our heads, which we need to be made aware of. Both types of changes could be inter-related and have profound consequences over life on Earth. For the major source of the thermal energy that reaches the surface of the Earth from the sky, you may click on the Earth Temperature to uncover the mysteries of the Magnetic Field in forming the Temperature Belts and causing Global Warming and Climate Change.

Copyright © 2009-2012 T.S. Niazi, All rights reserved, ISBN: 1-4392-5791-4, ISBN-13: 9781439257913 More Than 60 Minutes- When Earth Stands Still Chapter 2

Persbericht KNIL”Ambonezen” bij herdenking Leeuwarden.

Volksnieuws uit Amsterdam-Noir

( ingezonden door Maluku4Maluku Veterans4Veterans en gerespecteerd door onze redactie)

  • Woensdag 30 augustus Rengerspark in Leeuwarden de onthulling nieuwe KNIL militair, na de vernieling van het beeld in het jaar
  • Speciale herdenking zal een extra dimensie krijgen omdat de activist / opiniemaker Leo Reawaruw uit Leeuwarden. Een oproep heeft gedaan binnen de Molukse en Indische gemeenschap om een van de kleinste Indië herdenkingen van Nederland een boost te gaan geven. Voor nu en in aanloop naar CH2018, en de toekomst.
  • Reawaruw de frontman van de actiegroep Maluku4Maluku, die anderhalf week geleden ontvangen is door de Inspecteur Generaal der Strijdkrachten(IGK) H. van Grinsven op het landgoed “De Zwaluwenburg”. Daar heeft vorige week de formateur van de nieuwe te vormen regering een bijeenkomst gehouden. Maluku4Maluku en de top van defensie hebben een paar historische doorbraken bereikt voor de militairen van de KNIL “Ambonezen”. Of te wel Nederlandse oorlogsveteranen. Een van de hoogtepunten…

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