Overcome by the Light

The Naked Troubadour

The Place & Purpose of Darkness in this World

As we look at events in the world today, many people are shocked, or even traumatised, by what they see unfolding around them. Dreadful wars, continual rumours of wars, heinous acts of terrorism and cruelty of an unimaginable nature, cataclysms, massacres, pandemics and so on. Every day, we are bombarded with this. In a Universe supposedly empowered by love, creativity and the essence of life, why should there be any place for what people call “evil” or what — in spiritual terms — might be better called “darkness”, especially in the context of what we may call “Light”? This little book is an attempt to answer that question. On page 4, you will find an interactive contents page, describing the headings in the work. Please take time to read it patiently and feel free to share it with others. It is a gift…

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