‘Mad Dog Trump’ krijgt hoogste ‘IS-Wahhabism-onderscheiding’ van ‘Moordenaar King Salma

(van onze Internationale Elite-Gangster redactie) AMSTERDAM-NOIR-‘Mad Dog Trump’ en ‘Taxfree Shell- King Willem’ hun Shadow World Boss King Salman van Saoudi Arabië.De ‘Bloed-buit ‘is binnen. King Salman heeft de ‘US- Elite’ omgekocht met een Wapendeal van 110 miljard doller en ze ook nog beloofd als zij de King en IS met rust laten er […]

via ‘Mad Dog Trump’ krijgt hoogste ‘IS-Wahhabism-onderscheiding’ van ‘Moordenaar King Salma’. —

The CIA’s social engineering and media-based mind control

Bron: http://www.intrepidreport.com/archives/20417

The terrible truth is that a Cult of Death rules America and is hell-bent on world domination.—Douglas Valentine

Douglas Valentine’s life’s work has been to expose and explain the CIA’s role in many key aspects of American society, and how they’re behind most of the atrocities, subversion and war since WWII, all over the world. I doubt that any other writer has given the details, or written with the force and courage that he has. He’s told us how America really functions, and what is behind much of its success in business, especially overseas. He’s described how the CIA infiltrates and is protected by the media and all the branches of the government, and how they can create chaos and control political messages, here and abroad.

I’d like to talk a bit about how what I’ve learned from reading Douglas Valentine’s books, can be seen day to day on the news and other media outlets. I’ll focus on the most current events, that I think are very indicative of planned control and subversion. Valentine covers many other events in his new book, The CIA As Organized Crime, so I’ll add my thoughts.

I’m writing this review of Douglas Valentine’s crucial new book, The CIA As Organized Crime, as the Democratic Party conducts a mainstream and social media based “revolution” against Trump. Most of the protestors are summoned from party front group databases and many are paid to protest by big donors like George Soros. The theme of this revolution is: Stop (Impeach/Kill) the Racist Fascist Dictator! Other themes from other times and other presidents are: Make the World Safe for Democracy and 9/11—Never Forget!

This theme was created by operatives and principles from the Obama gang and their overlords from the ruling financial elite. These people were responsible for war crimes in Libya, Ukraine and Syria among many other atrocities resulting in the deaths of over four hundred thousand people, as many or more maimed, millions of refugees, entire cities destroyed along with many antiquities. These war crimes were committed by actual neo-Nazis in Ukraine, and by fascist terrorist groups in Syria, funded and armed by the Obama gang and the Republican neocons, through their allies like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey. But the protestors carry signs that say “Stop Fascism!” only now that Trump is elected.

I’m not arguing that it’s unfair or wrong to protest Trump, but want to make the deeper point that some people recognize this as the result of social engineering and media-based mind control. The obvious question is: how is it possible that all of the Obama gang’s war crimes were never called fascistic and never massively protested? How is it possible that millions were kept in a deep trance and suddenly activated into enraged bloodthirsty revolutionaries? It’s Guy Debord’s prophecy [quoted on p.305 of Valentine’s book] come true: “Yet the highest ambition of the integrated spectacle is still to turn secret agents into revolutionaries and revolutionaries into secret agents.” This anti-Trump scenario goes a big step further by turning average citizens who think they’re being progressive and moral into revolutionaries and secret agents! They’re not only protesting against Trump but for the serial war criminal Clinton, who was the obvious Establishment choice. That’s what makes this protest so sinister. The media was completely for her and so were many arch Establishment Republicans like the Bush gang.

Here’s Valentine [p.346]: “The CIA established a strategic intelligence network of magazines and publishing houses, as well as student and cultural organizations, including political and psychological warfare operations directed against American citizens. In other nations, the program was aimed at what Cord Meyer [CIA agent] called the Compatible Left, which in America translates into liberals and pseudo-intellectual status seekers who are easily influenced.

“All of this is ongoing, despite being exposed in the late 1960s. Various technological advances, including the Internet, have spread the network around the world and many people don’t even realize they’re a part of it, that they’re promoting the CIA line.”

Valentine’s new book explains how societies, going back to early organized humanity, have been controlled to believe certain myths, primarily warrior hero myths. Today, these myths are very pervasive and diffused, they’re called “beliefs” and “opinions” and are often disguised in moralistic language; even the protests are controlled and co-opted and diluted to create other myths. Myths, like the Democratic Party is anti-war or the protector of minorities, women and workers and only the other party is racist, sexist and militaristic. This myth, carefully engineered and delivered to the masses through the media, and meant to keep the US bitterly divided, is what was used to trigger the targeted group to react when called upon, in tacit, and often explicit support of the psychopath Clinton.

The themes and messages are delivered to the gullible public by the media through “news” agencies; books, including revisionist history and pandering biographies; social media viral thinking; celebrities of all factions; and nominally fictional movies, TV shows and books, such as Fox’s 24, Ben Affleck’s Argo, Kathyrn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty, Tom Clancy books etc.

The people that planned the war crimes in Ukraine, Libya and Syria are actual fascist dictators, but the revolutionaries aren’t aware of this and refuse to believe it even when confronted with undeniable proof. The people that control the media are the same people that planned the war crimes. I know, I know, it’s one of those things you just can’t believe right? It’s just too much! Don’t bury your head in the sand; it’s not going away. Douglas Valentine’s new book will explain how that’s just the way those people planning those things want to keep it. You obey the laws and they’ll break them. You believe what they say and they’ll get rich while you live in deception.

The socially engineered revolutionaries in the streets range from middle-aged white suburban housewives and their teenage kids, to young black militants and activists to celebrities from both mainstream and counter/alternative culture: Robert De Niro and Madonna to Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth, who called Obama a “conscientious politician.” Moore is a disturbing case: a brilliant rock musician and lyricist, who is capable of writing a song about Chelsea Manning, yet calls Obama, her jailer and tormentor, “conscientious” and a “legal scholar.” He refuses to play in Israel, supporting the BDS movement, but endorsed Clinton, a devoted enemy of Palestine, after Sanders capitulated to her. What is this? Moral relativism? Can it even be called moral? This type of thinking is rampant with liberals and conservatives alike and with people everywhere, but we’re seeing the spectacle in a new form with this level of hysteria, and with the massive liberal Group Think that has even infected artists who are supposed to be punk and counter culture figures. They’re supposed to know what bullshit is!

These people: enraged, genuinely scared and hysterical, are demanding Trump be toppled, “by any means necessary,”(also from Moore, playing Malcom X). There are countless Facebook assassins calling for Trump’s blood. Madonna exhorts people to blow up the White House. Rosie O’Donnell begged Obama to enact martial law! Mainstream rags and CIA-linked journalists glibly write about assassination and coups. After all this, they shamelessly call Trump a fascist! This happened in Trump’s first week, before he even has a chance to commit his own war crimes or to show how loyal he is to the old power structure and how he thinks the CIA is “really really great.” Maybe they’re just teasing him a bit eh? A shot across the bow.

These “revolutionaries” are transmitting a message of violence, planted in them by a methodical and purposeful system of disinformation and smears, in the hopes that it will activate some deranged person who thinks they’re on a mission from God, or better yet, Madonna or Lady Gaga—remember Jodie Foster. That’s one possibility but the people who plan these things like to keep all their options open at all times. It’s a world of possibilities for them. Their Chosen One, Clinton, was buried alive by the dispossessed workers in the Rust Belt, and now they must seriously look at their options. Doug Valentine’s new book gives you the history and methods of how they look at their options and the results of those options. It’s not for the faint of heart. After such knowledge, what forgiveness?

These revolutionaries were nowhere to be seen while Obama droned thousands to smithereens and allowed for the destruction of three nations, and the continuing destruction of Afghanistan and Iraq. I doubt the millions of socially engineered revolutionaries will ever see themselves for what they are, despite being told by many people in real time responses to their social media rage (before they get blocked by the liberals defending free speech). They’ve found a purpose in life, or, more likely, “somebody” found a purpose for them. Douglas Valentine’s new book will explain how and why those “somebodies” do that.

[From p.311] “Information management–including official secrecy and false accusations—is the key to pacifying the people through implicit terror, while making the internal security apparatus appear legal, moral and popular. This is being done to American citizens through the most ambitious psywar campaign ever waged on planet Earth.”

Some books raise the curtain on the whole shit show, and this is one of those books. I haven’t read everything about US history and politics, but I’ve read enough to know the score. I did read Valentine’s previous books: The Phoenix Program, Strength of the Pack, and Strength of the Wolf, and I reviewed them for Amazon and Goodreads. Before reading them, I thought I knew the score, but I didn’t really. Now I do. I knew we were screwed but just not how badly and I didn’t know how exactly it happened that we are in the mess we are in.

Valentine names all the perps and all the plans. He weaves the comments of the people he interviews into his own prose structure that creates a fascinating, page-turning narrative that never lags. It often reminds me of Raymond Chandler and William Burroughs, when they talk about the sordid and sad ways of the world. He’s never boring, even when he’s detailing bureaucratic structures, probably because the details are so damn sinister. His sentences are deadly efficient, hard-hitting, dense with information and always end with a stab to the heart of the beast he so clearly and righteously despises. He is the real revolutionary.

His books are deeply detailed with interviews from the people that set up the bureaucracies, like the Phoenix Program and the various inter-agency drug front groups, designed to parasitically subsume nations through corruption paired with false ideological political motives. False, because as it turned out, the endgame wasn’t freedom and democracy as the USA-CIA promised in countries like Vietnam and El Salvador and Iraq, to name a few; the endgame was the looting of resources, land grabs for corporate and strategic gain and in the larger sense, world domination, a.k.a. neoliberal globalism/corporatism—Valentine’s subtitle: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World.

The word on the street is that the CIA does not operate in America’s interest; that is, doing things that would protect the majority of Americans and insure that the country’s written standards and laws are upheld. Instead, it subverts nations for an oligarchy of super-rich financial and corporate interests that are essentially transnational or global, whose allegiance is not national; their allegiance is to a captive government at the service of and essentially indistinguishable from financial institutions. The oligarchy is comprised of the super-rich of many nations whose money is handled by one dominant Western system and network. The goal is to enrich this group at any cost and since the cost to maintain the system is greater than the profits, making it essentially a Ponzi scheme, constant looting through warfare, debt service, taxes, stock market/real estate bubbles and bailouts, and organized crime must be maintained to generate cash. The majority of humanity is the intended victim of all of these massive crimes and the key is that they pay the costs, while the oligarchs take the profits. Anyone that works to further the interests of the oligarchy are given decent-paying jobs with lots of benefits and perks, pensions, and sometimes, included in schemes that bring in a lot of money. They’re also made to feel superior and part of some glorious purpose.

Valentine’s new book is the introduction to and condensation and summation of his other work, along with several interviews that always add and elaborate on his subject of CIA control mechanisms and corruption of governments, starting with the US; it enhances the reading of those other great works and offers many insights into the time up to 2016, after the period covered in the other books: the early 20th century to the mid 1990s. The subjects of his previous books are political subversion of nations through terror and war for profit, and government collusion with and control of organized crime. This book is equally as important as the others, and continues the previous subjects, but includes the other main element of government control: the media’s role in propaganda, secrecy, social engineering and mind control. Valentine has masterfully condensed his previous books, while integrating his thoughts on the media component of control throughout the chapters. The result is not only a history of the CIA but a precise description of how the US government and society works.

The Phoenix Program exposed the new method that the US would use to take over governments and the collusion between the military and political (intelligence) units of government. Think tank intellectuals are the mouthpieces for the financial oligarchs: this is the vaunted public-private partnership. It’s being extended into private mercenary armies and intelligence gathering corporations, mostly in the form of cyber-security groups. All of these are branches of the CIA in spirit and often in fact. They create the complexity and confusion that provides cover; this system of multiple companies and organizations is also used by big financial institutions. It becomes so extensive and diffused that people say it can’t ALL be CIA; but it is; at least anything the CIA thinks matters.

Valentine’s overarching subject is the military/political/intelligence, and corporate (finance) networks and how they interconnect. Phoenix is the blueprint for total bureaucratic conquest of a foreign country using virtually untraceable cash that is returned with interest from profits reaped, or raped, from the conquest. The cash comes from a complex network of taxes, crime, and corporate donors. To the people involved in subverting countries like Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, war is nothing more than a good investment. They know they aren’t patriots and don’t give a sleazy fuck about democracy, freedom, women’s rights, the troops, or any of the other things they incessantly babble about. That stuff is just their con artists’ cover story for the rubes.

In Strength of the Wolf and Strength of the Pack, Valentine describes the connections between the police and intelligence apparatus and organized crime, for the purpose of controlling the sources of all organized crime profits—mainly drugs and weapons, but also prostitution and human trafficking. This is the chaos element necessary to prevent the formation of viable political opposition. The enormous profits from crime fund much of the dark budgets of the CIA and other intel groups, and are used to corrupt individuals, buy weapons and train and equip proxy death squads and terrorist armies. Crime also weakens, impoverishes and destabilizes cultures and societies, turning ethnic groups against each other and themselves. We see this clearly in the US with gang warfare over drug turf.

I don’t think any other book on this subject could ever surpass the intricacy of Valentine’s books, built around the first-hand accounts from most of the main agents involved. They are among other things, epic accomplishments in the art of the interview, conducted on a massive scale. Valentine doesn’t hold anything back or stop short, like so many books do. The point of the exhaustive interviews, as well as his prose, is to lay bare the ugly reality that the US government took over the drug trade as a key element in its strategy for world control, especially post WWII. This is really where they beat the Soviets, who, I’m afraid, with all their devious chess master skills, failed to see that killer strategy. As a result of that killer strategy, heroin has gone from a deeply underground big city thing to much wider inner city use, and now a worldwide epidemic that’s in every little town from Maine to Moldova; it’s hopelessly fed and complicated(by design?) by the presence of highly addictive pharmaceutical opiods that are always getting stronger.

The missing component in Valentine’s work, until now, in his study of the US government’s control strategy, was the media—it’s the main subject of this new book. While in some chapters he condenses the subjects of his other books, he’s doing it in the context of the media’s role—that he writes about in greater detail in other chapters—exposing the work of corrupt or compromised journalists. The book is a synthesis of his previous subjects and the role the media play in protecting the secrecy and spreading the lies that enable subversion and conquest of nations.

Valentine quotes from the Marine Corps Gazette, from 1989 [p.354]: “The new type of warfare will be widely dispersed and largely undefined. The distinction between war and peace will be blurred to the vanishing point. There will be no definable battlefields or fronts. The distinction between civilian and military will disappear. Success will depend heavily on effectiveness and joint operations, as the lines between responsibility and missions become blurred . . . This new type of warfare will depend on psychological operations manifested in the form of media information intervention . . . One must be adept at manipulating the media to alter domestic and world opinion. On this new psychological battlefield, television news may become a more powerful operational weapon than armored divisions.”

And it was for awhile, but now the mainstream news has been largely ridiculed and exposed, especially by many Trump voters and by Trump himself, calling them “fake news,” turning their own smear phrase against real left and libertarian news sites (mostly Internet-based) against them. The whole fake news narrative was certainly a CIA ploy, though a total failure from the start, except of course for the liberal “revolutionaries” and Democrats in Congress who still repeat that Putin was behind the “fake news” about Clinton’s record-setting corruption. One positive thing is that many people are looking out for this sort of nonsense and the concept of false flag attacks, both violent and disinformation-based, has entered into the public consciousness to a certain extent. Valentine asserts that the CIA will always increase the pressure and resort to a complete authoritarian takeover, complete with concentration camps, if it feels the interests of the oligarchy is threatened.

Valentine describes his own blackballing by the mainstream media starting with Morley Safer doing a poison pen hit job on The Phoenix Program in the New York Times. It killed the book in its infancy and ruined his career as an historian and journalist for many years. But Safer is already forgotten while Valentine is and will always be regarded as one of the truly great and courageous historians and journalists.

Valentine exposes “heroes” like Daniel Ellsberg and his CIA friends and connections; he explains that they’re only allowed to become heroes, as a show for the masses, that reinforces the myth that America is a country where no one is above the law. But the age of the heroes is over as we see with Snowden and Manning; it didn’t last too long did it? He describes how famous journalists like Glenn Greenwald and Sy Hersh stop short of exposing the whole story and are in a sense being used to convey diluted messages. He talks at length about how war criminals like former Senator Bob Kerrey, former Rep.Rob Simmons (R-CT) and others are repackaged as heroes and put into public office. He details evidence against them that is enough for any fair judicial system to put them on trial.

Valentine’s great gift to the nation and the world is to show that most of what you see in the news is all highly orchestrated and interconnected to direct US military wars or indirect subversion like Syria, Ukraine and the many before them. What was acceptable one day, and even created by the US, like Saddam Hussein, is not acceptable after a certain preordained expiration date. One day acceptable, the next day Hitler. Same story over and over again and the suckers buy it every time. Valentine gives philosophical and psychological context of the effects of these often subtle, but noticeable journalistic compromises and purposeful failures, on the willingness of people to understand and seek intellectual, emotional, and consequentially, political freedom.

My intention was to convey how important Valentine’s work as a whole is, and how this new book is another main component of his enormously complex theme. I say another because I want more; but we can be satisfied with this book because it closes the circle: Government (Military-Intel- Private Finance)/Organized Crime/and now Media [mainstream and compromised leftist journalism]. Others can elaborate with more books but he’s giving them the blueprint to work from.

Which brings me back to the Democratic Party/Facebook revolutionaries. If they want to know why they’re out there, and why they think Trump is a fascist but Obama isn’t, and why they think they’re really doing something for the good of the country, they should read this book, and ALL of Doug Valentine’s books. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll realize that they’re out there because some people sitting in skyscrapers and government buildings and secure compounds want them there, and told them to go there and are dictating the terms every step of the way through the media.

They’ve been conditioned to scream “RACIST!” on demand, and to be silent when institutional racism is being carried on by a black president, or by Bill Clinton, who the media absurdly calls “the first black president.” They’re silent as the tomb when the “good guys” are bombing black, brown, yellow and white people. Maybe those people will never read Douglas Valentines new book, but hopefully you will.

Joseph Balletti studied with Allen Ginsberg at Brooklyn College. He lived in New York City from 1988–2005. He sent his early writing to William S. Burroughs in 1989, who responded: “I have read your MS and consider it a distinguished and promising piece of writing. The dream logic of association is sustained and effective.” He is the author of “Goddess of Wealth.”

WikiLeaks Reveals ‘Athena’ CIA Spying Program Targeting All Versions of Windows

Bron: http://thehackernews.com/2017/05/athena-cia-windows-hacking.html


WikiLeaks has published a new batch of the ongoing Vault 7 leak, detailing a spyware framework – which “provides remote beacon and loader capabilities on target computers” – allegedly being used by the CIA that works against every version of Microsoft’s Windows operating systems, from Windows XP to Windows 10.

Dubbed Athena/Hera, the spyware has been designed to take full control over the infected Windows PCs remotely, allowing the agency to perform all sorts of things on the target machine, including deleting data or uploading malicious software, and stealing data and send them to CIA server.

The leak, which includes a user manual of Athena, overview of the technology, and demonstration on how to use this spyware, reveals that the program has two implications:

  • Primary: Athena for XP to Windows 10
  • Secondary: Hera for Windows 8 through Windows 10

According to the whistleblower organization, Athena has the ability to allow the CIA agents to modify its configuration in real time, while the implant is on target “to customize it to an operation.”

“Once installed, the malware provides a beaconing capability (including configuration and task handling), the memory loading/unloading of malicious payloads for specific tasks and the delivery and retrieval of files to/from a specified directory on the target system,” WikiLeaks claims.

The leaked documents suggest that Athena, written in Python programming language, was developed in August 2015, just a month after Microsoft released its Windows 10 operating system.

Interestingly, one document also suggests that the CIA agents have been advised to make sure that the spyware should not get caught by antivirus software programs, especially Kaspersky AV software.


Athena has been developed by the CIA in cooperation with Siege Technologies – an American cyber security firm that offers offensive cyber war technologies and works in close cooperation with the United States government.

However, WikiLeaks has not provided any detail about the operations being conducted by the agency using Athena, but it is not hard to imagine how the intelligence agency would be using this program to spy on their targets.

Last week, WikiLeaks dumped two apparent CIA malware frameworks – AfterMidnight and Assassin – for the Microsoft Windows platform that has been designed to monitor and report back actions on the infected remote host computer and execute malicious actions.

Since March, the whistleblowing group has published nine batches of “Vault 7” series, which includes the latest and last week leaks, along with the following batches:

  • Archimedes – a man-in-the-middle (MitM) attack tool allegedly created by the CIA to target computers inside a Local Area Network (LAN).
  • Scribbles – a piece of software allegedly designed to embed ‘web beacons’ into confidential documents, allowing the spying agency to track insiders and whistleblowers.
  • Grasshopper – reveal a framework which allowed the agency to easily create custom malware for breaking into Microsoft’s Windows and bypassing antivirus protection.
  • Marble – revealed the source code of a secret anti-forensic framework, basically an obfuscator or a packer used by the CIA to hide the actual source of its malware.
  • Dark Matter – focused on hacking exploits the agency designed to target iPhones and Macs.
  • Weeping Angel – spying tool used by the agency to infiltrate smart TV’s, transforming them into covert microphones.
  • Year Zero – dumped CIA hacking exploits for popular hardware and software.




Published on 14 Mar 2017

Antarctica Trip by top NAZI & NASA Director Von Braun Revealed! What was he looking for? What was the mad genius former SS NAZI & NASA director trying to achieve in Antarctica ??

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Blackout Shell

Bron: http://www.fossilfreeculture.nl/

“Which is a greater crime: the befouling of art or the destruction of life?
The Van Gogh Museum —like many others— takes the dirtiest money in the world to fuel its activities: oil money. With this, Royal Dutch Shell is ‘artwashing’ its image.
The ‘collateral damage’ of the oil business is deaths, spills, wars and the injustice of the climate catastrophe. Such extreme situations call for extreme responses. Today we are blacking out Van Gogh’s Sunflowers because art sponsored by oil is not worth seeing. This is also collateral damage.”

This video and statement were shared with the audience at the Engaged Art Fair on Saturday 3rd of December at de Balie, Amsterdam.

Fossil Free Culture NL strives to end fossil fuel sponsorship of the arts. Through sponsorship deals, fossil fuel companies promote a false and misleading image of their societal generosity, in an attempt to secure the social license they so badly need to continue to operate. The climate is on a knife edge. Humanity can’t afford to sanitise the reputation of these companies any longer in any way.

The profoundly unethical and violent nature of the fossil fuel business has been revealed over and over again. On the other hand, the ethics of arts funding by fossil fuel companies in the Netherlands has neither been discussed nor challenged with the urgency it calls for.

Blackout Shell is a hoax* intended to provoke the fundamental questions:

Can we afford to look at art that has been stained by oil money?

Why is it painful to see an iconic piece of Western culture being damaged yet somehow manage to accept the endless spills, destruction of livelihoods and ecologies, and violent repercussions of climate change directly caused by Shell?

In the context of a contemporary art event, the statement and the video are intended to trigger a conversation about ethics and arts funding and create a myth: Were the Sunflowers really destroyed? Are activists ready to take extreme actions to end oil sponsorship of the arts and stigmatise Shell and other big polluters?

* A hoax is a deliberately fabricated falsehood to make the invisible visible.

Beyond Insanity


Creative performance in Van Gogh Museum protests sponsorship by Shell

This afternoon, September 16th at 14:00 p.m. Fossil Free Culture NL (FFC) staged a disobedient performance at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam to protest the irrational relationship between Shell and a public art institution.

Beyond Insanity shows how the sponsorship by Shell intoxicates the arts. Four men dressed as hospital patients walked into the entrance hall of the museum. At the background, a large screen displayed the title of the temporary exhibition: “On the Verge of Insanity: Van Gogh and His Illness”. One patient stood attached to an intravenous infusion, a black substance intoxicated his body. The second patient suffered from heavy petroleum poisoning drooling oil out of his month, another couldn’t hold his black tears totally depressed by the toxic cultural partnership, while the fourth wandered hopelessly around the hall, dripping oil out of his wrists, after a suicidal attempt.


“Through the “Partners in Science” program, the Van Gogh Museum allows Shell to create the illusion that the company contributes to society positively. While in reality, the extraction of fossil fuels causes ecosystems depletion, undermines the livelihoods and well-being of communities, and is the primary driver of runaway climate change.” – Fossil Free Culture NL


The exhibition “On the Verge of Insanity: Van Gogh and His Illness” examines the artist’s mental illness through paintings and drawings from his final year, including the many diagnoses put forward by doctors over the years. With the performance Beyond Insanity, FFC wrote its own diagnosis: “The nature of Shell’s activities is toxic and destructive to all life systems on earth”. 



Fossil Free Culture NL is a recently formed group of artists, activists, researchers and critics that challenge oil and gas sponsorships in order to liberate Dutch cultural institutions from the sick influence of the fossil fuel industry. They are the first artist/activist collective that uses art as a tool to protest against big corporate polluters in the Netherlands. The aim is to regularly perform unofficially and unannounced in cultural institutions sponsored by the fossil fuel industry.



Re-cap: Creatively Resisting Oil Sponsorships

Getting feedback to shape the campaign collectively.

Thanks to everyone that came to our first event. Thanks to De Punt and Staff_Room for hosting us!

Undeterred by the rain, many people showed up —30 according to the police, 50 according to us  ;-). John Jordan delivered nothing short of a condensed masterclass, summarising a complete list of 15 principles for creating Beautiful Trouble, illustrated with impressive Liberate Tate performances.

A few things you can do to stay in the loop

• sign up to our newsletter and join us!
• join us this Saturday at 1PM for our ‘dress rehearsal’ [Zeeburgerdijk 112], or get in touch with us for more info,
• watch this space for exciting developments next week!

Creatively Resisting Oil Sponsorship


Fossil Free Culture NL is excited to invite artists, activists, thinkers and makers, to collectively kickstart their campaign with an informal gathering next Wednesday, April 6th, hosted by staff_room at De Punt.

We are lucky to have John Jordan from the Labofii, whose 2010 workshop at Tate Modern challenged the gallery’s BP sponsorship head on. In the following six years, the art collective Liberate Tate has been effectively confronting this sponsorship with beautiful performances and creative actions. Their campaign has been ultimately victorious —BP dropped the sponsorship two weeks ago.

After the talk, we will briefly map the oil sponsorship deals of cultural institutions here in the Netherlands, followed by the opportunity to take part in preparing our first action!

Where: De Punt, Frans de Wollantstraat 84, 1018 SC Amsterdam.
When:  Wednesday, April 6 at 7:30 PM – 10:30 PM
Programme (check Facebook event for eventual updates):
7:30 pm. Doors open. Have a drink!
7:45 – 8:00 Introduction by Fossil Free Culture NL
8:00 – 8:30 John Jordan on creative activism
8:45 – 9:30 Sneak preview of upcoming plans

Fossil Free Culture NL is a network of artists, activists, and scholars committed to disentangle cultural institutions in the NL from the influence of the fossil fuel industry.

Based in Amsterdam, STAFF_ ROOM exclusively represents socially and politically engaged artists. As a not-for-profit gallery STAFF_ ROOM has no permanent exhibition space; it manifests online and offline wherever social and political issues lead her.

De PUNT is a work- and project space in de Czaar Peter neighborhood in Amsterdam, initiated by De Derde Verdieping in collaboration with the Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam. The location offers a cultural program as well as a work space for residents from the neighborhood and other cultural workers.


John Jordan is an artist and activist. He co-founded the direct action groups Reclaim the Streets, and the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (CIRCA). He and Isabelle Fremeaux founded the The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination, infamous for fermenting mass disobedie
nce on bicycles during the Copenhagen Climate Summit, throwing snowballs at bankers, launching a rebel raft regatta to shut down a power station and initiating the unsolicited covering of the Tate gallery in molasses. Following the publication of the film-book Les Sentiers de L’utopie (Editions Zones 2011), they have been setting up a commune, farm and school of art and activism in rural Brittany. Their most recent project has been the Climate Games, an online-offline disobedient action-adventure game that took place during Paris Climate Summit.

Join us

Girl with the Shell Earring

We are a network of artists, activists and scholars at the intersection of cultural work and climate politics. We are excited to announce that we are launching a campaign to expose and confront the influence of the fossil fuel industry on cultural institutions in the Netherlands.

Our demand: a Fossil Free Culture

Fossil fuel companies —the most profitable sector of all time— are structurally and actively opposed to a sustainable energy transition, and they have a disastrous track record on human rights violations and environmental degradation. Meanwhile, the same companies sponsor prestigious cultural institutions and events around the world to greenwash their image. In this way, they enjoy social respectability in order to carry on business-as-usual.

Let’s get the Shell out of here!

In the Netherlands, Shell has been a major cultural sponsor for decades. It has set up partnership programs and sponsorship deals with the Van Gogh Museum, Het Mauritshuis, Nemo Science Center, Het Concertgebouw, and EYE Film Museum. The Rijksmuseum also deserves a special mention here: despite having the biggest budget of any museum in the Netherlands, it is sponsored by Aramco, the Saudi state oil company.

Join the global movement for Climate Justice

The stakes are high; but luckily, we are not alone. In the global movement for Climate Justice, there are many groups demanding and bringing an end to such partnerships. In the UK, Liberate Tate has gained international recognition with their creative interventions, which ultimately forced BP to terminate its decades long sponsorship. In the US, the coal baron David Koch resigned from the board of New York’s American Museum of Natural History, thanks to the efforts of The Natural History Museum – a project by Not An Alternative. We are ready to bring the movement and its victories home  —but we need your help.

What can we do?

  • Build a platform of organisations, artists, cultural workers and citizens. Together we can influence these cultural institutions to break their ties with Shell and other fossil fuel companies. Let’s go!
  • Shape this campaign collectively and reach out to the broadest audience possible. In order to do that, we would like to get to know you better! We kindly ask you to fill in this brief survey (5 minutes).
  • We also encourage you to already make a commitment not to take direct funding from fossil fuel companies by signing the international Fossil Funds Free pledge.
  • Finally, please help us spread the message by forwarding this letter to your friends and colleagues that are also engaged in cultural work. You can also follow and share on Facebook and Twitter.

Looking forward to meet soon —in fossil free cultural spaces near you!

Why Did Rothschild’s Controlled Israel Send Nuclear Missiles To South Africa?

Bron: Why Did Rothschild’s Controlled Israel Send Nuclear Missiles To South Africa?



Info Wars

Israel Nuclear Time Line

1949:  French and Israel atomic researchers start to exchange information. Israeli Defence Force Science Corps begins two year geological survey of the Negev desert in search of recoverable Uranium.

1952:  Israeli Atomic Energy Commission is created. Its chairman, Ernst David Bergmann of Israel’s Weizman Institute of Science, “the father of Israel’s bomb,” has been promoting nuclear armed missiles for Israel since arriving after World War II. Newly elected President Eisenhower will refuse to sell arms to Israel during his two terms, ending in 1960.  France sells them to Israel from 1955 to 1967.

1955: Under Atoms for Peace program, overseen by pro-Israel Lewis Stauss who was head of America’s Atomic Energy Commission, U.S. helps fund a small Israeli nuclear research reactor. Strauss learned about Dimona and its purpose before the U.S. government but did not inform the U.S. government.

1953:  Israeli researchers perfect a process for extracting Uranium, and developing a new method of producing heavy water, which is a key ingredient in the process.  Hundreds of millions of dollars will be raised to build Israel’s nuclear bomb over the next twenty years, mostly from American Jews; effort is led by Abraham Feinberg who financially backs both Presidents Truman and Johnson, as well as presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson. (John F. Kennedy accepts his money but is incensed by the pro-Israel lobbying.)

1956: France and Israel formally and secretly agree to build a nuclear reactor in the Negev desert.  Britain, France and  Israel invade Egypt (Suez Canal crisis) and the Soviet Union threatens to use rockets against them if they do not desist, leading to a cease-fire.  U.S. begins U-2 spy flights over targets world wide, including Israel.

1957: France and Israel sign a revised agreement calling for France to build a 24 MWt reactor; unwritten was the agreement to build a plutonium reprocessing plant.

1958: Israel breaks ground at Dimona, with assistance of French scientists and contractors, and U-2 spy planes provide evidence Israelis are building nuclear plant there.

1960: Israeli scientists witness first French atomic explosion in South Pacific. French President Charles DeGaulle threatens to cut off reactor fuel if Israel doesn’t accept international inspections, but eventually accepts Israel’s assertions Dimona is only for peaceful purposes and work continues.  United States intelligence leaks to the press that Israel is building a secret nuclear facility that will eventually produce a nuclear bomb.  Israel admits this to its Parliament and world but claims it is only for peaceful purposes.

1961:  President Kennedy makes the man who leaked Israel’s bomb to the press head of the CIA.  Kennedy is very opposed to Israel having the bomb and tells Israeli Prime Minister Ben-Gurion so in many letters and in meeting in New York about the purpose of Dimona.  Ben-Gurion tells him its purpose is peaceful and refuses to allow international inspections.  Israel launches its first rocket.

1962:  Ben-Gurion allows inspections by American inspectors only in return for sales of Hawk surface-to-air missiles.  Israel builds a fake control room and bricks off parts of buildings to hide from inspectors the true size and purpose of the reactor (three times bigger than admitted) and that it was connected to a plutonium reprocessing plant; this feint continues during seven such inspections until they end in 1969. Reactor at Dimona goes into operation.

1963:  Kennedy refuses to sign any security arrangement with Israel.  After Kennedy assassination brings the very pro-Israel Lyndon Johnson to power.  (Not surprisingly there is an assassination conspiracy theory that the Mossad killed Kennedy.)

1964: Dimona plutonium processing plant goes online.  In first official visit by an Israeli Prime Minister (Eshkol) to Washington, Johnson promises Israel offensive fighter jets and other weapons if it refrains from producing nuclear weapons. Israel’s Eshkol eventually agrees to Johnson’s terms and holds off on producing the bomb for a few years.  China explodes first nuclear bomb.

1965: Israel performs its first plutonium extraction, and France assists Israel in developing its Jericho missiles.

1966:  U.S. begins fighter jet and arms shipments to Israel. Johnson discourages further reports on Israel nuclear situation from U.S. embassy in Israel. Israel refuses money for nuclear desalination plant which is tied to international inspections of Dimona.

1967: Six Day War when Israel pre-emptively attacks an Egyptian military buildup in the Sinai Peninsula.  Israel attacks USS Liberty surveillance vessel, killing 34 sailors; (see BBC allegation below that Israelis wanted to instigate a U.S. nuclear attack on Cairo).  Soviet Union supports Arabs militarily, sends ships to the region and breaks diplomatic ties with Israel.  Americans unofficially inform Israel that the Soviet Union has put four Israeli cities on its nuclear target list.

1968:  Defense Minister Moshe Dayan, believing Israel cannot depend on the U.S. to defend it, unilaterally orders full production of nuclear weapons, averaging four to twelve per year, depending on size.  Israel illicitly imports two hundred tons of uranium.

1969:  President Richard Nixon takes office and fully supports Israel’s nuclear weapons, as does his National Security chief Henry Kissinger. Ends American inspections at Dimona and shares some nuclear targeting information about the Soviet Union. CIA tries to inform President Johnson about Dimona, but he brushes off information, signs Nonproliferation Treaty, and sends Israel advanced Phantom fighter jets.

1973: Israelis catch Soviet spy ring in high levels of Israeli government and make it clear to Soviets they have produced “suitcase nukes” they could sneak into Russia.  Egypt and Syria attack unprepared Israeli forces in Sinai and Golan Heights on the Jewish fast in Yom Kippur War. Israel goes on nuclear alert and begins to ready nuclear weapons for actual use, forcing the U.S. to airlift them weapons and to start redeploying nuclear armed ships and airplanes.  When Soviets started talking about sending in Russian troops, Israel again goes on nuclear alert.  Washington pressures Israel to accept a cease-fire.

Slim Pickens

1974: Defense Minister Dayan visits South Africa to discuss testing a nuclear weapon there.

1975: Israel receives nuclear-capable Lance missiles from the United States, even as U.S. remains in official denial about Israel having nuclear weapons.

1976:  South Africa’s Prime Minister visits Israel to sign several nuclear and other agreements.

1977: Menachem Begin’s right wing expansionist Likud Party takes power in Israel and is determined with reshape Middle East to suit Israel’s needs, including through using the nuclear threat.  Commits to nuclear targeting of even more cities in the Soviet Union.  President Carter does not take on the issue, despite conducting Camp David peace talks between Egypt and Israel.

1979: President Carter provides Israel ability to see American spy satellite photos for defense purposes only, but Israelis manage to get them for pre-emptive strikes against Middle East and Russia.  Israel and South Africa explode first nuclear bomb in South Indian Ocean but appointed U.S. committee refuses to conclude it was a nuclear explosion.

1981: Israel, using U.S. spy satellite photos, sends F-16s to bomb and destroy Iraqi nuclear reactor under construction at Osirak. U.S. strictly limits further access to spy photos.  Defense Minister Ariel Sharon recruits American Navy employee Jonathan Pollard as a spy to obtain satellite photos plus massive amounts of other classified information about Israel’s enemies, some of which Israel turns over to the Soviet Union to try to win over its adversary. Ariel Sharon talks President Reagan into a formal Israel-U.S. military alliance against the Soviet Union but Defense Chief Weinberger delays and sabotages it.

1982: Under Ariel Sharon’s military leadership, Israel invades Lebanon to attack Palestinian militants as first part of plan to drive Palestinians into Jordan, using the threat of nuclear weapons to intimidate any adversaries.  However, despite destroying Beruit and killing more than ten thousand Arabs and 500 Israelis, Sharon’s efforts in Lebanon fail. Israel eventually withdraws and Sharon loses his position.

1985: Jonathan Pollard captured leaving office with stolen papers.  Eventually sentenced to life in prison.

1986: Mordechai Vanunu, a disaffected Dimona technician who left with photographs and other evidence of nuclear weapons production, publishes details in the London Sunday Times newspaper; reveals Israel has over 100 nuclear weapons. Israel starts disinformation campaign then lures him to Italy where he is kidnaped, taken to Israel and imprisoned for 18 years.  He was released in spring of 2004 and remains under house arrest because of his continuing contact with the media.

1987: Israel test-fires a Jericho 2 missile capable of carrying a nulcear weapon.  UN General Assembly and the IAEA General Conference passes first of more than a dozen resolutions calling on Israel to join the Nonproliferation Treaty.

1988: Israel launches its first spy satellite into orbit.

1991:  U.S. convinces Israel to refrain from attacking Iraq with nuclear weapons, even if Iraq uses chemical or biological weapons against it, but Israel’s nuclear weapons remain on alert.

1999: US Department of Energy document ranks Israel sixth among countries with nuclear weapons.

2000: Knesset debates Israel’s nuclear weapons program for first time.  Germany sells Israel three state-of-the-art 800-class Dolphin submarines and Israel tests first submarine-launched missile in the area of the Indian Ocean.  Ariel Sharon is elected Prime Minister of Israel, still intending to use nuclear weapons to bully other nations and remake the Middle East for the benefit of Israel.  George Bush is elected in the United state and his neoconservative allies fully intend that the United States help Sharon fulfill that mission.  Right wing Israelis begin freely talking about attacking other nations, including with nuclear weapons.

2001: Bush inflames Arabs by clearly taking sides with Israel’s expansionist aims, part of the reason for the September 11 attacks against the Pentagon and the World Trade Center.  He obsesses about attacking Iraq, not defending America against known Al Queda terrorists.  Starts planning war against Iraq after September 11 attacks, including option of using nuclear weapons.

2002:  George Bush gives Israel the go-ahead to use nuclear weapons against Iraq if Saddam attacks Israel before the American invasion of Iraq. Pentagon Office of Special Plans uses information from Iraqi dissidents and Israel’s Mossad to convince Americans that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction that are an imminent threat against America.  Israel launches Ofek-5 satellite with a powerful new inter-continental missile.

2003:  Israel repeatedly demands sanctions against Iran for its nuclear program and threatens to bomb Iran’s operating nuclear power plant, despite Iran’s threats to retaliate hard against Israel.  Russia may have sold Iran additional advanced missiles capable of shooting down Israeli bomber and fighter jets. Russian President Putin proposes Security Council formally call for establishment of a Palestinian state and arrests last of the Jewish “oligarchs” who bought state industries for pennies on the dollar under Yeltsin.  Arab and other nations repeatedly ask that Israel nuclear facilities come under international inspections. So does the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Mohammed el-Baradei. United Nations General Assembly passes resolution that Israel join the nonproliferation treaty by a vote of 164-4. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon tells Israeli newspaper that Israel will not dismantle its “special measures” because the U.S. will not remain in the Middle East forever.

2004: Israel buys two more German submarines for delivering nuclear tipped cruise missiles, making a total of five.  Mordechai Vanunu’s prison term ending spring 2004.

Source >  Carolmoore.net

The Deep State, Operation Gladio and the Crimes of the US Empire

Bron: The Deep State, Operation Gladio and the Crimes of the US Empire

The Deep State, Operation Gladio and the Crimes of the US Empire

By Gary Weglarz

The key institutions of Western societies have lost their credibility.  They fail to merit either the respect or loyalty of the domestic populations they purport to serve. 

Testing the validity of this assertion requires examination of Western institutions from a holistic rather than fragmentary perspective. This is easier said than done. 

There exists a massive amount of near real-time web based information available for us to process daily if we are attempting to keep abreast of world events.  This often leaves us diligently evaluating recent events, while lacking the opportunity to step back and assemble these discrete events into a more comprehensible whole.

The assassinations of the entire elite level of progressive leadership in the United States during the 1960s (JFK, Malcolm X (image right), MLK & RFK within a 5 year period).  In Europe this includes the later assassinations of Aldo Moro and Olaf Palme.

Following is but a partial list of the crimes of the U.S. empire (with the routine complicity of many Western European governments) over the decades since the end of WWII.  It is important to briefly review them as the intersection of these orchestrated criminal actions casts light on the lack of legitimacy of Western governments and institutions:

Operation Condor , the Phoenix program and ongoing material aid and military training support for dictators, torture and death squads in numerous non-Western nations,

The extensive history of CIA and Western involvement in global narcotics trafficking including importation of drugs into the United States

US government criminalization of drug use by the poor in conjunction with CIA importation to create the apartheid-like prison-industrial system

Covert and overt U.S. foreign policy operations involving the destabilization, overthrow and/or assassination of many dozens of foreign leaders of former colonies with assistance from Western European intelligence and/or military

U.S. corporate financial support for the Nazi regime before and during WWII (trading with the enemy), followed by post-war recruitment and incorporation of Nazi war criminals by the CIA and other U.S. government agencies

The failed plot to overthrow FDR by U.S. oligarchs prior to WWII

CIA & FBI programs to undermine and destroy progressive social and political change within the U.S. such as COINTELPRO, MKUltra, Operation Mockingbird and Operation Chaos

Creation of the Mujahideen and continued logistical support, training and arming of related evolving jihadist forces (i.e. al-Qaeda, ISIS, al-Nusra), used by the West in ongoing efforts to destabilize secular nations in the Middle East

The instalment of former Nazis, Nazi collaborators and fascists into governing and institutional positions of power across Western Europe following WWII

The continuing failure to abide by the stipulations of a single legal treaty entered into with Native American tribal nations

Many decades of maintaining an institutionally based apartheid system restricting access by African Americans to housing, voting, job opportunities and access to basic public services such as equal education

Many dozens of U.S. led/or sponsored outright military invasions of sovereign nations in violation of both domestic and international law

The U.S. manipulation and rigging of ostensibly democratic election processes in Europe and throughout Latin America since WWII

The publicly state justification of the use of sanctions to bring about the deaths of half a million Iraqi children framed as an acceptable policy decision

The routine outright police murders of unarmed minority American civilians and the mentally ill

The utilization of both NATO and the United Nations to sanction, destabilize and/or militarily intervene in nations that remain independent of Western control

Ongoing Western looting of the natural resources of Africa, Latin America and the Middle East facilitated by the IMF, World Bank and related Western financial and military institutional structures

The proposed murder of U.S. citizens in the Northwoods document, and the actual murder of European citizens under NATO/CIA run Operation Gladio

This litany of institutionally based criminality has taken place in service to the larger foreign and domestic policy agendas of the U.S. and allied Western European governments.  The United States has played the primary coordinating and leadership role among Western nations and intersecting institutions since the end of WWII.

This is of course but a very partial list of the crimes of the U.S. empire and Western Europe since the end of WWII.  However, it is clear by the breadth of this subject matter that any one, or even several subject areas, will provide only a partial view of the larger puzzle that depicts the institutional structures and behaviors by which the West dominates and controls the entire planet.

We are fortunate to have a global community which includes researchers who have focused in great depth on the various aforementioned crimes sponsored by Western governments and their institutions.  Many such individuals have sacrificed a great deal personally to do so.  Some have given their lives in the pursuit of truths that powerful violent institutions prefer be kept hidden from public view.  Their efforts provide exhaustive detail regarding particular historical actions and policies of Western institutions.  However, it is critical that we assemble these discreet puzzle pieces into a discernible image that can unify and shed light upon the whole.

Let us return to the assertion that Western governments and institutions by simple objective evaluation of this history currently lack all legitimacy.

While the intersection of institutionalized Western criminality and war crimes cited in our partial list should be enough to persuade an impartial observer, one particular example from our list can stand alone.  Operation Gladio is an individual puzzle piece that helps unite and shed light upon many other disparate pieces.  This is precisely why it is seldom acknowledged, much less discussed in Western MSM or academia.  Even a cursory examination of Operation Gladio offers us a much more comprehensible image of the essentially illegal and amoral nature of many important Western institutions.

Gladio offers us a rather frightening glimpse into the thought processes and ethics of the assemblage of oligarchic Western elites and institutions that continue to literally rule our world.  These powerful Western hierarchical institutional structures evolved over many centuries.

They evolved from control situated in earlier periods under the auspices of popes and feudal monarchies.

They evolved through various forms of parliamentary and dictatorial rule.

Their current manifestation today is one in which massive global corporations rule in tandem with entrenched Western military, intelligence and economic institutions, all of which function beyond any practical popular input much less control.  Oligarchic rule, carried out through these institutional structures is the reality, in spite of the West’s much publicized devotion to liberal democracy.  Examination of Operation Gladio exposes the rot at the very core of the structures of Western rule.

Operating under the aegis of NATO with CIA input/supervision, Operation Gladio utilized false flag terrorism, mainly bombings but also shootings, in service to what it defined as the “strategy of tension.”  This “strategy” was seen as a way to manipulate European public perception, thought, opinion and voting behavior away from progressive political parties and leadership, and toward the conservative pole of the political spectrum.  Some Gladio operatives have testified that the intent was to force the public to seek a stronger more authoritarian police and State presence in order to protect citizens from political violence.

Critically important is the fact that the violence carried out by Operation Gladio operatives was routinely blamed on the left, on communist or socialist political parties, and/or on groups advocating progressive or revolutionary change.  However, the many decades of violence were in actuality carried out by right wing cells within NATO’s Gladio stay-behind army units.  Thus Operation Gladio was by definition orchestrated false flag terrorism carried out not by “leftists,” but rather by a multiplicity of Western institutional structures in Europe in coordination with the CIA.

The Gladio units were originally organized under the supervision of the CIA and NATO, ostensibly as a way to respond in guerrilla warfare fashion to a possible future Soviet invasion of Western Europe.  However, lacking cooperative Soviet troops to kill and terrorize the population of Western Europe, the CIA and NATO took up the task of doing the killing and terrorizing themselves.

Gladio’s terrorism was conducted in order to shape the minds of the European public, and thus manipulate the political landscape in favor of the goals of U.S. and European elites.  This is the reality of Operation Gladio, and it is also why knowledge of its actions is critical to our understanding of present day terrorism.

In the process of authorizing and conducting false flag bombing attacks, Western elites and institutions intentionally killed, maimed and/or psychologically terrorized thousands of European citizens.  This violence was carried out with the top-secret collusion of select members of Western European governments, as well as through loyal right-wing cadres within their intelligence agencies, judicial branches, and various police services.  Operation Gladio was of course hidden from the public, since it constitutes both treason as well as murder conducted by the very Western government institutional structures sworn by law to protect their citizenry from such crimes.

Although its false flag violence was based in Western Europe, Operation Gladio offered a domestic propaganda benefit to CIA operations in the United States.  Mass protests and progressive groups in the United States were tarred in the public mind through guilt by association with the Gladio terror events in Europe.  The false reality created by Gladio intentionally portrayed leftists in Europe as “violent murderers of innocent civilians.”  This narrative was endlessly amplified by corporate media in the U.S. where it meshed rather seamlessly with both the FBI’s COINTELPRO activities and the CIA’s Operation Chaos program on the domestic front.

The critical conclusion we arrive at from reviewing the history of Operation Gladio is that Western elites used a great many institutions of State to intentionally target and kill their own citizens for political purposes, and then conspired to hide that fact.  The importance of this reality cannot be overstated.  Failing to widely publicly expose and discuss the history of Operation Gladio has left all citizens of Western nations vulnerable to the continued use of State sponsored false flag terrorism in new and varied manifestations.

When we examine Operation Gladio from a more macro perspective we must remain cognizant of both past and ongoing U.S. and Western European assaults on Third World governments.  That people of color around the globe have been the targets of Western imperial violence for over 500 years is simple historical reality.  What Operation Gladio demonstrates decisively is that Western elites saw the cold blooded murder of their own citizens as no more an obstacle to their plans for global control than the murder of countless residents of the many Third World nations which were still struggling to free themselves from Western domination.

Consider that Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Northwoods document requested authorization to conduct false flag terror operations in the U.S. in order to justify an invasion of Cuba.  Only JFK’s fateful refusal to comply stopped those proposed Gladio-style false flag operations from occurring on U.S. soil.

Historical knowledge of both Operation Gladio and the Northwoods document should be at the forefront as we attempt to analyze the numerous false flag terror events in Western Europe and the United States that have occurred since the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

Official narratives often leave us with rather disturbing questions regarding the true nature of such attacks.  With the loss of the Soviet Union as a military danger and its replacement by Islamic terrorism, the identity of the official enemy changed.  However, we would be remiss if do not question whether the dynamic of false flag terrorism might continue as a tool to manipulate the public mind.

The perceptions, thinking and consciousness of the citizens of Western Europe and the US have been powerfully shaped by the new narratives emanating from events of 9/11, and from subsequent terror attacks.  Although these events are routinely blamed upon Islamic jihadist groups, knowledgeable observers find that numerous questions remain unanswered regarding the true identity of the perpetrators, often including the nature of their connections to Western intelligence structures.

Yet in spite of the historical reality of Gladio never has NATO been subjected to legal action and criminal prosecution for conducting the false flag bombings and murders of civilians in Western Europe.  Unaccountable and unpunished, with its Gladio units still possibly in place, NATO instead offers possible cover for the continuing conduct of false flag terrorism in Europe.  On the US domestic front the CIA also has never been subjected to legal action and criminal prosecution for its role in advising/coordinating Operation Gladio bombings and terrorism.  Nor has the Northwoods document been treated to widespread public discussion and analysis.

The total impunity enjoyed by NATO, the CIA and all the interconnected Western institutional structures of police, military, politicians and judiciary exists for a very specific reason.

In the words of convicted Operation Gladio bomber Vincente Vinciguerra, the reason is simple:

” . . .  because the state cannot convict itself or declare itself responsible for what happened.”

This is because, as Vinciguerra openly acknowledges, it was the institutions of the State itself who were responsible for the Gladio bombings and for hiding the truth of those bombings.

For the State to investigate, prosecute and punish itself for terrorism is of course unimaginable.  To do so would be an admission that Western institutions have in fact been for many decades morally and legally bankrupt, and have been operating to systematically murder their own citizens while engaging in a cover-up.  Such an admission would validate my contention that the institutions of the West currently lack all moral and legal legitimacy, therefore such an admission cannot occur.

It is clear from this history that what is required to move toward the restoration of any semblance of legitimacy to Western institutions would be the investigation and criminal prosecution on charges of murder, treason and cover-up for all parties, individual and institutional, involved in Operation Gladio.  This would need to take place in every country in which it operated in Europe, and would need to also address the organizational and operational support of the CIA.

This is not about some obscure ancient history from the 1970’s and 1980’s.  The link between Operation Gladio and present day terrorism is as disturbing as it is clear.  Today NATO, multiple Western European governments and the government of the U.S. are suspected by increasing numbers of the world’s citizens of continuing to use false flag terrorism in order to validate their ongoing “war on terror.”

This war is at least in part designed to destroy the remaining secular governments of the Middle East while manipulating the control of petroleum the resources of the region.  In the course of pursuing such policies Western governments and institutions have now maneuvered the entire planet to the brink of nuclear war between the West and Russia.  Yet in spite of the danger posed to all of humanity the U.S. continues a publicly stated quest to achieve full spectrum dominance.  Given post-WWII history and our current state of affairs Western governments and institutions clearly exist as criminal entities which function outside the rule of all recognized morality and law, domestic and international.

Even the limited amount we know of the history of Operation Gladio should destroy in the mind of any thinking person the utter and complete fantasy that Western leaders would “never harm their own people” to achieve their larger strategic goals.  Western elites in fact did so for many decades.  They systematically killed their own citizens and they lied about it.  There is a great deal of evidence that they continue to do both while hiding   behind the mask of false flag terrorism.  Our failure to adequately investigate and prosecute Operation Gladio paved the way for our current wave of false flag events used to manipulate Western public perception and behavior in support of endless war in the Middle East.

From the U.S. government’s official account of 9/11, which requires belief in the temporary suspension of the laws of physics in conjunction with the magical suspension of fighter jet intercept protocols, 9/11 can be seen as a logical continuation of Operation Gladio’s “strategy of tension.”  9/11 is false flag State terrorism writ large. It is by definition the “big lie.”  It makes both the Reichstag fire, and Operation Himmler look like the work of small time amateurs.  It is perhaps more than simply ironic that so many former Nazis made their way into U.S. intelligence services after WWII, given the many decades of politically useful false flag events in the West that have followed.

The State kills its own citizens and blames a foreign or domestic enemy.  The population looks to the state for protection and surrenders their democratic rights to an ever more militaristic, invasive and repressive State.  State power increases along with corporate profits in many sectors of the permanent wartime economy of the U.S.  The bewildered populace lives in fear and is psychologically vulnerable to the next false flag terror event which in truth the government, rather than “terrorists,” actually control.  In the instance of the 9/11 attacks it is the State itself that is the terrorist entity.  The official Islamic enemies exist very simply as Oswald explained his own role, that of the designated “patsy.”

Since we have mentioned Oswald, the puzzle piece that is the JFK assassination, carried out by our deep state, fits quite well alongside the later false flag operations of Operation Gladio and 9/11, as well as intersecting the assassinations of European leaders such as Aldo Moro and Olaf Palme.  These assassinations all appear to be activities of the unaccountable deep state institutional structures which exist outside of view, law and morality, and which serve to connect elites in Western Europe and the United States.

One cannot admit this information into one’s consciousness, without reaching the logical conclusion that Western governments and institutions have become quite literally massive criminal enterprises which routinely violate the very laws, international and domestic, they ostensibly exist to enforce.  Given this state of affairs, it is rather difficult to view electoral politics as the way forward if justice, meaningful institutional change and a planet not rendered uninhabitable by nuclear war are our goals.  Our institutional structures have shown themselves to be irredeemably corrupt.

The recent election cycle in the United States has writ this large into the consciousness of anyone with a pulse.  If the two nominees of this past election are the “best candidates” with the “best platforms” the two major political parties can field, it is without doubt an absolutely definitive indictment regarding the deadly gangrenous condition of our electoral charade.  Cognitively amoral and behaviorally psychopathic elite policies are hardly a new phenomenon.

For centuries such behavior has typified Western elites regardless of how polished their public personas.  Such are the political scoundrels we peasants are graciously allowed to choose between every four years.  There does appear to be a silver lining to the recent Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton carnival of the absurd.  It would appear that for growing numbers of Americans of all persuasions the ability to continue to believe in the fairy tale that is the U.S. electoral process has finally been shattered beyond repair.

Before closing let us step back for a moment and imagine a world that might have been.  A world in which progressive leaders in the U.S. and abroad had not been assassinated or overthrown in favor of fascists; dictators hadn’t been armed, taught torture techniques and supported against the interests of their own people decade after decade; and the CIA prevented rather than facilitated the international drug trade.

Imagine a world in which corporations and oligarchs weren’t allowed to own the mass media and so were not allowed to weaponize the news, reducing it to simplistic pro-war mass culture propaganda, all while buying the services of the political candidates who will support their ongoing war profiteering.  Imagine a world that could have been in which the political organizing of the masses wasn’t systematically infiltrated, disrupted and shut down by the institutions of State; Third World nations were allowed to develop independently of Western subversion and control; and the massive amounts of Western taxpayer money spent on war and violence went instead toward the public good.  This is the world that has been stolen from humanity by violent unaccountable oligarchic interests ruling through long discredited and massively corrupt Western institutional structures.

The history of Operation Gladio, including the failure of Western institutions to publicize and prosecute its murderous activities, unmasks our elites as capable of “doing literally anything” in their quest for power and domination.  However, we are ourselves complicit.  A public that can find any legitimacy whatsoever in economic and political institutions that systematically engage in and profit from endless war, while the 8 richest people possess as much wealth as the bottom half of the entire earth’s population, one fears, can make themselves “believe literally anything.”

Gary Weglarz recently retired from practice as a clinical social worker.  He worked with, and learned from, Alaskan Native peoples who were attempting to heal the damage inflicted by the collective intergenerational trauma of colonization.  Currently he is engaged in research and writing regarding the relationship between past mass trauma in Western societies, and the subsequent colonial violence that has characterized Europe and her colonies. 

He was actively involved in Central American solidarity efforts throughout the 1990’s, traveling with human rights delegations to Nicaragua, El Salvador and Colombia.  He currently lives in France.