160325 NH Leeft 3D vispluis

Published on 25 Mar 2016

NH Leeft aflevering vrijdag 25 maart 2016
Het noordelijkste puntje van onze Provincie: Texel! NH Leeft is hier dit keer niet om lekker uit te waaien maar om aan de slag te gaaan met moderne techniek.


Published on 30 May 2014

PlasticBank.org has printed the world’s first 3D printing filament from recycled ocean plastic. The video shows the journey of collecting the plastic from the shorelines of Alaska, the sorting, recycling and a successful print from HPDE which is a very difficult plastic type for 3D printing. Selecting a hard to print but commonly found plastic type was an important part of the Plastic’s for Change program.

The extruder technology was developed at the University of British Columbia (UBC).

The Plastic Bank is turning plastic waste into a currency in developing countries. A large part of The Plastic Bank’s life improvement program is to empower the world’s poor to become micro-recycling/manufacturing entrepreneurs by providing access to 3D printing.

Published on 29 Sep 2015

Please share this video to spread the Social Plastic® movement. Learn how you can act to alleviate extreme poverty, ocean plastic and new plastic production at http://SocialPlastic.org

Meet Lucy, a single mother of 2 living in Haiti; a country where 75% of the population lives on less than $2 per day and the streets and waterways are filled with plastic garbage.

Social Plastic is changing this. Lucy now sees plastic garbage as currency to improve her life.

Lucy earns an income by removing plastic waste from the environment and can even collect plastic from businesses and people before it becomes garbage.

Now, Lucy is able to support her family. At Social Plastic Recycling Markets she exchanges plastic for cash, cooking fuel, soaps, phone charging or minutes, internet access, and the ability to grow her recycling business.

So how do you fit in?

In 2016 manufacturers will use our diminishing resources to produce over 350 million tons of NEW plastic. We continuously make NEW plastics while ignoring the fact that we already have over 4 trillion pounds of existing plastic on this planet. We don’t need to mine more oil, we simply need to continuously recycle the 4 trillion pounds that already exists.

8 million tons of plastic garbage flows into the ocean each year. One cause is that disadvantaged communities have had no alternative to dumping plastic into the streets and pushing it into the rivers and ocean-bound waterways.

The real problem is that plastic is seen as waste, and YOU can change that.

The social impact is sustained by selling Social Plastic to brands and manufacturers who want to be the change YOU want to see in the world.

Social Plastic empowers YOU to put YOUR purchasing power to work to help alleviate extreme poverty, ocean plastic, and new plastic production.

Over one million people have already asked brands to use Social Plastic.

Take action today by joining the movement at socialplastic.org

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  1. Published on 12 Oct 2012

    Oct. 11 – A pioneering company in the western Mexican state of Jalisco is building houses made of recycled waste plastic collected by trucks on their weekly rounds. The company, called Kuadro Ecological Solutions, says it is making the most of waste that would otherwise end up in landfills, while providing inexpensive housing at the same time. Elly Park reports.

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