Thousands of Dead Terrorist Corpses Still Litter Syria, Official Tells Sputnik

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Fighters from the Democratic Forces of Syria inspect weapons and ammunition that, according to them, belonged to Islamic State fighters, in al-Shadadi town, in Hasaka province, Syria February 26, 2016 © REUTERS/ Rodi Said

Over 30,000 Islamic terrorists have been killed in anti-terror operations, but the authorities are having problems sending the bodies back to their country of origin, the chairman of Syria’s Forensic Medicine Committee told Sputnik.

Turkish artillery fire from the border near Kilis town toward northern Syria, in Kilis, Turkey. © AP PHOTO/ HALIT ONUR SANDAL                                      Turkey’s Artillery Strikes on Syria Aim to ‘Open Corridor for Operation’

The Syrian government has been unable to repatriate the bodies of thousands of Daesh fighters who were killed in anti-terror operations, Hussein Nofal, chairman of Syria’s Forensic Medicine Committee, told Sputnik.Nofal explained that after the bodies were identified and the country of origin informed, even neighboring countries proved unwilling to receive the corpses.

“We managed to identify several thousand dead terrorists from France, Turkey, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon and other Arab countries. We have been unable to identify another 30,000 (terrorist) corpses,” Nofal told Sputnik.


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Martyrs of the Soviet Union. They were killed for wanting to become a Soviet. 18+

They were killed for wanting to become sovetskimi3

Martyrs of the Soviet Union. They were killed for wanting to become a Soviet. 18+

They were killed for wanting to become sovetskimi1.

They were killed for wanting to become a Soviet

November 20, 1978 the world was shocked by the massacre at Jonestown. From 18 to November 19 in the colony in Guyana (South America) were shot, stabbed and poisoned 918 US citizens. However, even now, few people know that in fact these people were not Americans. De facto the victims were citizens of the USSR.

But says nothing about the fact that all the facts testified about the murder, major US media ( “New York Times”, “The Associated Press” and others.) Immediately called the tragedy “mass suicide”. The official version of the tragedy set forth in the US and then the world media, is well known. According to her, a Jim Jones announced his prophetic ability to heal itself and produced in Jesus. This drew them into an organized community of “Peoples Temple” a lot of members. Any dissent is suppressed. Entered in the “Peoples Temple” could not voluntarily leave it. Apostasy punishable by death and the curse. Being totalitarian, the community was in need of self-isolation, the Iron Curtain. That is what caused the emigration of “Peoples Temple” in Guyana. It was founded by a colony of Johnstown – Jones Town. Colonia had chain of command. At the bottom were ordinary members of the community, and above them was a “temple Planning Commission” – Jones followers marked the merits. Even higher are “12 Angels”. Pyramid crowned himself Jim Jones. He had a “personal protection”, “death squads” and “order of service”.

Cult Jones flourished, but then he began clouding reason. At this point in Guyana Congressman Leo Ryan arrived with a group of journalists to the site to see how guaranteed the rights of American citizens in the colony. During the visit, he reveals the fanatical underpinnings, tries to escape and to take out a group of colonists, but Jones sends a chase, which shoots and fugitives, and congressman. Jones then ordered all the sectarians to commit suicide. Those who do not want to die, kill. The US Army and the CIA tried to save the sectarians, but were too late …

This story was offered to the world as an explanation of shocking images, where amidst tropical vegetation, lay hundreds of corpses of men, women and children.

How they were killed.

JONESTOWN, GUYANA - NOVEMBER 18: (NO US TABLOID SALES) Dead bodies lie around the compound of the People's Temple cult November 18, 1978 after the over 900 members of the cult, led by Reverend Jim Jones, died from drinking cyanide-laced Kool Aid; they were victims of the largest mass suicide in modern history. (Photo by David Hume Kennerly / Getty Images) JONESTOWN, GUYANA – NOVEMBER 18: (NO US TABLOID SALES) Dead bodies lie around the compound of the People’s Temple cult November 18, 1978 after the over 900 members of the cult, led by Reverend Jim Jones, died from drinking cyanide-laced Kool Aid; they were victims of the largest mass suicide in modern history. (Photo by David Hume Kennerly / Getty Images)

November 7, 1978 at the Soviet Embassy in Guyana hosted a reception in honor of the anniversary of the October Revolution. Among the 300 guests were six people from the “Peoples Temple”. Their presence has caused excitement among American diplomats. The reason for concern – the intention of “Peoples Temple” leadership to move the whole community in the Soviet Union.

Four days later a functionary “Temple” Sharon Amos came to the Soviet embassy, being in great excitement, and announced the soon visit them US Congressman Leo Ryan. On his visit to Johnstown expect trouble. It asked whether in Moscow sent their request for resettlement in the USSR, and was assured that it was sent immediately. Fedor Timofeev Consul handed her the forms for visa applications and to receive Soviet citizenship. Sharon left reassured.

November 17 during the next visit to the Soviet embassy, Sharon was happy that the first day of the visit in Johnstown Ryan went very well. The congressman said he had never seen more happy people than here, in the jungle of Guyana. Sharon also said Russian that Ryan arrived with a group of journalists and relatives – a total of 18 people. However, apart from them, the same day came to Guyana for about 60 tourists from the United States, all men. They stopped in the “Park” and “Tower” hotels and rented planes for their own purposes.

Introduced in the “Temple” agents of the CIA and the “group of tourists” were the first echelon in the act of liquidation of people apply for a Soviet citizenship. The first organized a series of provocations and ensure the activities of armed agents. The latter is directly involved in the liquidation.

November 18, Congressman Ryan and journalists arrived in Port-Keitum airport for the flight to the US, where the following happened: “Airstrip moved the truck and a tractor with a platform. Meanwhile, to the aircraft approached by three strangers. Bob Brown and Steve Sung aimed their cameras. And then the shooting started. There were shouts. “

According to Charles Krause (journalist, “The Washington Post”), one of the few surviving witnesses, it was like this: “I ran around the plane, passed the NBC group, the leading shoot, and hid behind the wheel. Someone fell on me and rolled. I realized that I was wounded. Once someone’s body fell on me and slipped. I was lying helpless, waiting for the shot in the back. The shooters did their work well, finishing off the wounded in the face. As I passed through death, I will never understand. “

According to employees of the Soviet Embassy in the evening on November 18 in the midst of the tragedy of Jonestown station broadcast its transmission by means of a code recorded for the first time. What key cipher used and to whom the messages were addressed to, unknown.

Four hours before Ryan Congressman journalists left Johnstown Georgetown flew the plane, chartered by American “tourist” allegedly to inspect Port Keitum. According to local residents, from the plane came about two dozen young men and went to inspect the neighborhood. Obviously, some of these people participated in the attack on Congresswoman. Reporters photographed the attackers, but no one could identify the killers. But the inhabitants of Jonestown knew each other in the face …

At the same time, Panama Delaware airfields and flew cargo planes with the US Marines and headed for Guyana. In the surroundings of Johnstown was thrown airborne troops.

Two hours later, with the Venezuelan territory and private missions “Nuevos Tribos” and “Resistencia” ( “roof” of the CIA bases) were launched three helicopters. The flight time is 1 hour 10 minutes.

Ring around Johnstown slammed shut. Special group CIA was among the first killed Jim Jones. According to Mark Lane, gave a press interview in Jonestown on November 20, he personally counted 85 shots. “Jones shouted,” Oh, mama, mama, mama “- says Lane – and then sounded the first shot.”

23 Nov 1978, Jonestown, Guyana --- People's Temple Cult mass suicide at Jonestown, Guyana. --- Image by © Bettmann / CORBIS 23 Nov 1978, Jonestown, Guyana – People’s Temple Cult mass suicide at Jonestown, Guyana. – Image by © Bettmann / CORBIS

The mass extermination. When the shots ceased, survivors were no more than half of the demoralized inhabitants of the commune, mostly women, children and the elderly. They gathered around a central pavilion, and then divided into groups of 30 and under the escort scattered around the village. Each group was lined up for the reception of “soothing”, which was a mixture of tranquilizers and potassium cyanide. After the first twisted in the throes of the victims of panic began again, shots rang out again. Children poured poison by force, holding his nose. It remains to put on the ground and stabbed with needles with the same “cocktail” right through the clothes in the back. Then the corpses were stacked in piles for the alleged mass cremation …

For two days the army and US special services were engaged in “it is unclear what” in Johnstown. Only November 20 Guyanese officials and three journalists (including those wounded in the thigh Krause) were admitted to the village.

From the testimony of the Soviet consul in Guyana Feodor Timofeyev: “At about 20:00 (18 November) called me out of the hall of the Embassy staff member, and I saw Deborah Tusheti and Paula Adams (” Peoples Temple “members). I asked the police to let them into the territory of the embassy. Everyone was very excited. Deborah said that she received a message from Johnstown:

“There was something terrible. I do not know the details, but the lives of all members of the commune in danger. The village is surrounded by armed men. Something happened to Ryan. Someone attacked him as he was returning to Georgetown. I ask you to deposit it. “

They were killed for wanting to become sovetskimi4

And Deborah handed me a heavy case. I asked what was in it.

“It is very important documents of our” Temple “, the money and record on a cassette tape,” – she said.

I asked how much money. She said she does not know exactly, because there cash and checks, and financial guarantees. Due to exceptional circumstances, they are asked to take them to storage, since it is possible that the headquarters in Georgetown can be attacked, and perhaps it is already defeated. I could not deny these people and took what they offered. Later case was handed over to the Government of Guyana. When I returned, my wife said she had called Sharon Amos. It was around the same time, when I spotted Paul and Deborah. Sharon cried and said that Johnstown surrounded by armed men. Despite the noise, she took a telegram, which reported that the helicopters circling above the village.

They were killed for wanting to become sovetskimi3

“Help, Johnstown die! – She screamed. – They will not spare anyone! Someone is breaking into my apartment! Do everything to save us! “.

The line is disconnected. My wife immediately called the police, but she was told that the house already sent Amos reinforced attire. However, Amos and her three children were killed. They killed a CIA agent, a former Marine Blakey, embedded in the organization of Jones. Then he was declared insane, and he disappeared from sight. So, in that terrible night of 18 to 19 November at Jonestown was a terrible massacre. US committed one of the most terrible their crimes – they are shot, stabbed, poisoned 918 of its citizens … “.

Communists Temple.

All had related to the “Peoples Temple” organization of the USSR and the United States knew that “religious sect” in Johnstown was not religious. Jim Jones as a young man really was a preacher, but eventually became disillusioned with religion and became an atheist, in fact, a socialist-Marxist, it was no secret to his colleagues. What he called his organization “Temple”?

The reasons are simple: Jones, being a practical man, to take advantage of taxation given by the US law to religious organizations. Finally, he decided to use the authority of the Church: the one who came “just to the church” under the influence of sermons Jones often became a convinced socialist.

By the way, in that Jones was not alone. A month before the tragedy in Guyana Cardinal Wojtyla, archbishop of Krakow, became Pope John Paul II. However, the head of the Church was a staunch anti-communist.

Jones under the church roof allowed himself to blowing your nose in public sermons US flag, marking the bible with the statements, they say, how can that blesses the oppression of the poor pray to such a god, and so on. D.

Jones and his wife adopted and was adopted eight children of all races (with his son). He lived ascetically stressed: only dressed in second-hand, refused to move to save on aircraft using only buses belonging to the organization, never stayed in expensive hotels and restaurants.

All decisions of the “Peoples Temple” are taken by voting at general meetings, and it happened that the decision does not necessarily reflect the views of Jones. The number of his parishioners to the mid 70-ies reached 20 thousand. People, “Council” has 50 permanent members. During the existence of the commune in Guyana, it was visited by more than 500 visitors – Guyanese and foreigners – officials, journalists, politicians, employees of embassies accredited in Guyana. In a thick guest book, according to the Soviet consul Timofeev, all the reviews were positive, “I pointed out that the word” paradise “is often found in these records. People have written about the problems they impression that they were in the garden and saw the happy, inspired people living in harmony with each other and the wild, unspoilt nature. “

The results of the sweep, “International Herald Tribune”, 18 December 1978.:

“Among those who, according to some former followers of Jones, received from him political support, was San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and City Management Officer Harvey Milk. They were both shot to death in their offices of three weeks ago, “unknown persons.”

Joseph Grigulevich, corresponding member of USSR Academy of Sciences, professor:

“The first thousand dissidents Americans in Guyana jungle was only the head of a huge army detachment potential political refugees from the United States. This exodus of the “capitalist paradise” does not expect Washington’s power, and needed “extraordinary means” to stop this progressive process. The massacre in Jonestown was part of a large complex of measures of punitive US authorities, the purpose of which was to eliminate the political protest movements: “Black Panther”, “Vezermenov”, “New Left,” etc. Participants declared “terrorist” organizations “Black Panther” and “Vezermenov. “killed on the streets and in homes, opening fire without warning. Thus, the radical movements of political protest have been completely destroyed. “

Dr. Nikolai Fedorov, Doctor of the USSR Embassy in Guyana:

“Everything that is written about Jim Jones and his community in the American press, and then reprinted on pages other Western newspapers – a solid and a malicious fabrication. “Suicide,” “religious fanatics”, “sectarians”, “depressive maniacs” – a label that advocates zealously stuck to the dreamers and enthusiasts, began to build in the jungles of Guyana, albeit somewhat naive but honest, selfless and honorable peace for all disadvantaged Americans and mutilated lives.

I remember Jim Jones said that the members of the cooperative were two ships, which could fit all members of the commune with their movable property. Jim Jones wanted along with his supporters to embark on a long voyage and get to our country, which has become his ideal. He felt that the clouds are gathering over his congregation that “someone” is planning a conspiracy and is ready to carry it out at any time. And so it happened … “

The question arises: why did the Soviet government agreed to hush up this nightmarish story? Main reason on the surface – the murder of the punitive US about a thousand people, de facto already become Soviet citizens could lead to only one proper response: an ultimatum, after which inevitably followed the beginning of World War III. A decrepit Brezhnev panic was afraid of her.

The documents that the members of the “Peoples Temple” were going to emigrate to the Soviet Union, were published only during the time of publicity in the book “The Death of Johnstown – CIA crime” (SF Alinin, BG Antonov AN Itskov ” Legal literature “, 1987). However, to inflate this story leaders of the USSR in the late 80’s it was again not with his hands. The Soviet press had already begun working out of new political thinking and discussion of the concept of universal human values. The formation of the image of the “civilized world” in the West, the whole thing did not help.

They draw their own conclusions from this history, and the US government. In the US, are in vogue among the youth T-shirts with the words “Kill the Commies for mammy.” Before the surrender of the USSR in the Cold War there were only 10 years old …

Will killed.

“Agricultural mission” Peoples Temple “, Johnstown, Port Keitum, Northwestern District, Guyana, PO Box 893, Georgetown, Guyana, South America, March 17, 1978:

His Excellency the Ambassador of the Soviet Union.

The urgent request. “Peoples Temple” socialist agricultural cooperative on the Soviet model, composed of more than 1,000 immigrants from the United States, living in Guyana, was subjected to severe persecution by the American reactionaries who decided to destroy it. Our agents are at stake. We appeal to the Soviet Union through Your Excellency, urging them to help us to open a special bank account for an agricultural cooperative “Peoples Temple” in the Soviet bank to ensure the safety of our facilities and in the event that our organization will be destroyed, leaving them under Soviet control …

“PO Box 893, Georgetown, Guyana (South America), 18 September 1978, His Excellency the Ambassador of the Soviet Union

Georgetown, Guyana.

Dear sir! In the interest of the safety of our co-op, which is threatened by the US reactionaries, because it is a successfully developing socialist collective with Marxist-Leninist perspective and fully supports the Soviet Union, we declare from the community name (group of Americans who came to Guyana to assist in the building of socialism) of its desire to send a delegation of members of our leadership in the Soviet Union to discuss the relocation of our people in your country as political refugees.

Information about the population of the cooperative. Total population:

1200 (including 200 residents of the United States, who will soon have to come to Guyana). Up to 18 years – 450 people; 18 and older – 750 …

… The reasons for this request: under the leadership of Comrade Jim Jones’ Peoples Temple “actively fought against the injustices of the civil rights for 25 years in the United States.

“Peoples Temple” has always had a deep respect for the Soviet Union. Your impressive achievements in 60 years of building socialism, the victory in full victims of war, which endured the Soviet people, defending the homeland (and thus the whole world) from fascism, strong and sustained support of the Soviet Union liberation struggles around the world were an inexhaustible source of great inspiration for us . In all his public speeches, Comrade Jones expresses full solidarity with the Soviet Union. At each meeting marks the anthem of the USSR …

For years, and especially after the “Peoples Temple” has donated thousands of dollars to Angela Davis Protection Fund, we have pursued the agents of government institutions, and especially the intelligence services. We were able to then find out that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has decided to punish the “Peoples Temple” and was planning to commit suicide with a friend Jones, as it did with Martin Luther King …

With fraternal greetings, Richard D. Tropp, General Secretary.

“Peoples Temple” – the agricultural community in Johnstown. “

source- 1 source- 2

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