The Sun is Tilting? Steve Olson & Friend Are Baffled [video] — Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Steve and his friend have quite the conundrum and throw out a few theories, but this is truly bizarre. They say it is impossible, so suggest the “projection” of the sun “they” are showing us is faulty… or something. What a fascinating time to be alive in this less-than-real reality. Perhaps it is the “Ma…

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CERN Mishap Nov 2015 Blew Up Areas of Geneva Switzerland Including the Hospital, with Significant Casualties All Covered Up [video]

In my opinion, there is nothing ‘casual’ about the deaths of countless people because of these animals playing with the large hadron collider. It’s blatant disregard for human life—as usual—as they attempt to find SOME WAY to escape from their prison here on Earth; a prison of their own making. Forgiveness? Forget it.

This entire dialogue with Daniel MacBolen is astounding and infuriating as he explains what happened last November 2015 and they attempted to cover up. And we’re talking mass graves. People cooked in these buildings from steam pouring up from fissures in the soil under buildings—including the Geneva hospital. It was so hot it incinerated concrete.

They put mass “coffins” on the roof of a building to keep them out of sight from the public and added fake trees! That’s all I can trust myself to say right now. Thanks, L, for the heads up.   ~ BP

Published on Feb 11, 2016

Sgt Daniel Brad MacBolen III USAF, disabled American veteran. November 13, 2015 incident at Cern damage to Hadron Collider, Bravo. Proof that it did happen. Deaths were caused. Hospital area downtown Geneva. Meltdown. November 17, 2015. 46°10’30.51″ N 6°07’55.35″ E Fema Morgue, Makeshift Morgue in downtown Geneva, Switzerland,

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Rudolf of Germany. Part 133, the economics of child trafficking, the missing link. No music

Published on 7 May 2016

Rudolf the tall white alien explains how the satanic child sacrifice practice is closely linked to a calculated business model.
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