TLB Special: Child Trafficking & Destroyed Families In Israel

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Published August 5, 2015, filed under MEDIA, WORLD


Preface by: Roger Landry, TLB Special Host

We are constantly told that Israel is the bastion of Democracy and freedom surrounded by chaos and hostility in the middle east. We are programmed to believe that all Israel does is necessary for the survival of the state. To Question this, or to speak out against Israel in any fashion is considered unpatriotic or even treasonous … so in supposed fact … Israel can and does no wrong!

What you are about to read and hear flies right in the face of this very propaganda, as in nothing could be further from the truth. TLB is in no way antisemitic or haters of Israel … But the truth remains the truth, and at some point every nation must answer for its actions (except, it would seem, Israel)…

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