Mother Spirit Speaks – Jerry Lane (The justBernard Show)


(From the Prologue to The Adventure of Being Human)

Dear reader, it is a delight for me to offer you our Universe Parents’ loving insights into the nature and the adventure of being human, all based on advanced concepts derived straight from the heart of the Urantia Revelation.

The following pages purport to be, and are sincerely believed to be, direct transmissions from Michael and Mother Spirit. As described in the comprehensive cosmology of The Urantia Book, Michael is a “Creator Son of God” and Mother Spirit is a “Creator Daughter of God.” Being our immediate and closest creator parents, they are responsible for the very design of the personal beings that we are—the living pattern we know of as a human being. Whether recognized as our Universe Parents or not, we believe that Michael and Mother Spirit have answered the prayers of all humankind…

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