Peace Without Poison: Volume One

by Mr. Kevin Mugur Galalae B.A. (Author)

P a g e kingdom of the Netherlands
September 2014 King Willem-Alexander

Uit Mark Rutte Prime Minister King Willem-Alexander and Prime Minister Rutte, Re: immediate cessation of covert methods of depopulation Let me begin by thanking Princess Beatrix, then Queen of the Netherlands, for encouraging the European Journalism Centre (EJC) in 2012 to grant me access to their professional website so I can bypass the Anglo-Saxon net of media censorship. To date, the EJC remains the only mainstream media organization in the western world to give me a voice. No other country in the world has dealt with its land shortage and population pressure problems more intelligently than the Netherlands. You are an example to the world with regards to doing more with less and, as if by a miracle, you also succeed in being the second-largest food exporter in the world. Dutch expertise stands as a beacon to the world and as proof that we can sustain a large population until such time as we succeed in bringing down the fertility rate of every nation on earth so we can gradually, humanely and lawfully decrease the global population to a sustainable level over the next century. The Dutch political system is among the most progressive in the world and can be a guiding light to the world by legislating population control and thus take the wind out of the sails of the genocidal lobby, who insists on covertly poisoning humanity into sterility and shorter lifespans. We can accomplish the demographic transition and keep our humanity. I can show you how. But you must show courage and break free of the coalition of the unwilling cobbled together by mutual coercion mutually agreed upon and delegated by the meek bureaucrats and technocrats of the United Nations. Population control is not a problem that can be solved on the sly by meek technocrats and eugenic doctors. It is a problem that can only be solved by true leaders who are willing to stand in front of the world and spell out the dire realities so that the people can make the right choices. I hope that you will invite me to Holland without delay so we can discuss how to forge global consensus for population control legislation. Since I am already on European soil I could be in your country within hours. Take the opportunity I am offering you or face history’s brutal judgment. Sincerely, Kevin Galalae Centre of Global Consciousness

The data presented in this epic document proves the existence of a global program of population control that has been carefully concealed from the public since its inception in 1945 and shatter fabricated notions perpetuated to confuse and confound inquiring minds lest they stumble upon the frightening truth that the international framework for peace is based on genocide. This is the 21st century’s Magna Carta, Declaration of Independence and Universal Declaration of Human Rights all wrapped into one. It will define life in the 21st century and affect every human being on the planet.


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