“Prayer for Japan” Event Tomorrow at 7:46 PM HST (14:46 3-11, Japan; 0546 UTC 3-11)

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Yumi and Gen of Fukushima Kids Hawaii will be having this event tomorrow. There will be a i-minute of silent meditation at the exact time of the event, 2:46 PM 3-11, Japan time (0546 UTC), which is 1946 3-10 HST (7:46 PM).

They are gathering at 6:30 PM. Perhaps those who cannot attend the event would like to join in the meditation at 2:46 PM 3-11 Japan Time.

Here are details from Yumi and Gen (Japanese text is below the English).


Aloha Music and art loving Friends, (Japanese follows after the flyer)

On 4th Anniversary of East Japan Great Earthquake, you are invited to pray together for afflicted people with Japanese music (song/guitar/flute) by Gen & Yumi Morita, Roy Kimura, Annu Shionoya, and dance of Prayer by Shizuno, followed by a documentary film “A2-B-C” showing directed by Ian Thomas Ash.

Official site of “A2-B-C”: http://www.a2documentary.com


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