Benjamin Fulford 3-13-12…”It is time to storm the Bastille, vive la revolution”… “Satan has left the Building (Universe)”

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[UPDATED 3-12-12 0908 HST: I received this comment from a well-respected (by me) reader currently remaining anonymous (by me), with which I am in complete agreement. “In my opinion, Benjamin Fulford has again chosen to communicate with the warring parties thru his directive to us. So disregard his duplicitous statements of possible disruptive actions in the first paragraph [of Ben’s report below; and I believe this applies to selected statements in several paragraphs]. They won’t happen!”]

This is a rather extensive list of “great” news occurring and/or about to occur on the planet. Ben describes a three-pronged effort to liberate humanity from the cabal-installed energy grid, ending hunger and poverty, and a secret third prong effort to start a bottom up revolution. All I can say is that it is highly unlikely that any type of nuclear attempts “to sink the La Palma rock formation” and cause a tsunami…

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