Dr. Kathryn May 1-13-14… “The New Declaration of Independence for Planet Earth”

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dr-kathryn-e-may_1This message via Kathryn felt very right for this moment.

“Soon, the changes across the planet will come, faster and more abruptly than you could have imagined.  We have declared that WE ARE FINISHED waiting for Earth’s squabbling governments and ruling families to come to terms with the fact that IT IS DONE…

“And so it has been decided, with the support of Prime Creator, that Planet Earth would be freed from the destructive grip of the Dark Ones.  She will never again be permitted to suffer nuclear explosions, chemical poisonings, deep well drillings and mountain-top decimation.  Nuclear weapons have all been permanently neutralized.  Toxic spills are being cleaned up with the help of your Galactic Brothers and Sisters, and those industries that have so tortured your dear Mother Earth will find themselves unable to continue to operate.  This includes all who produce genetically engineered foods and chemical fertilizers.


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